2012 Tesla Model S deliveries will start on June 22

A few weeks ahead of schedule, Tesla has officially announced that the first Model S electric sedans will be delivered to U.S. customers on June 22. Tesla’s engineering team has been working hard to ensure production is up to speed at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California.

The car delivery ceremony will be viewable live on an internet webcast. With only one month left to launch, Tesla’s press team has been putting in overtime to run a series of events celebrating the launch of the Tesla Model S. The events will also promote some of the unique features of the Model S including customized regenerative braking, customized steering response and adjustable suspension.

The Tesla Model S signature is all sold out for 2012, but some of the Model S (base model) are still available for preorder and cost $49,900. The Tesla Model S Signature has an EPA approved range of 265 miles while the Tesla Model S has a range of between 140-160 miles.

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