2013 Fisker Surf will be at Paris Auto Show

Fisker has had some troubles recently including confusion and bad press surrounding it’s funding setbacks as well as the need to recall the Karma because of battery pack and software issue. Despite these recent setbacks, Fisker is moving ahead with plans to show the Fisker Surf at the Paris Auto Show later this year.

The Fisker Surf is a combination sports car and station wagon. The Surf is a four-seater sports car with room for cargo too. Like the Fisker Karma, the Surf will use a battery electric drivetrain that uses a 2.0liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine as a generator. The Fisker Surf has an expected range of nearly 50 miles of fully electric driving. With a full tank of gas, the range extends to 300 miles.

The Finnish plan that assembles the Fisker Karma will also be used to build the Fisker Surf. The plant has a capacity for about 15,000 vehicles a year. Fisker is betting on 7,000 of those being the Fisker Karma sedan, while the Fisker Surf may only see 3,500 units over it’s lifespan. Why so low? Perhaps it’s because of the slightly goofy side profile, or perhaps it’s because Fisker knows what the price will be?

Fisker is planning on making the Surf available as a retractable hard top convertible at a later date.

Sales of the Fisker Surf are expected to begin in late 2012 or early 2013.

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