Aptera 2e resurfaces in

Matthew Unger, an expat living in China who is somewhat familiar with the Aptera 2e history spotted a look-a-like at the Beijing Motor Show. Apparently the future builder of the Aptera 2e is Zap Jonway. Zap Jonway competed against Aptera in the Automotive X-prize contest and had a 3 wheeler entrant.

The Zap Jonway company bought the molds for the 2e and plans to build the composite chassis in China. Eventually it will ship them to the US for installation of a drivetrain. Sales are said to begin with the US and then expanding internationally. The name of the new Aptera may be the Zaptera.

Of course, there are no details or specific prices or dates for all of this to happen, and until then, it’s merely pie in the sky.

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