Audi confirms A3 E-tron and A4 E-tron

Audi has had the A1 E-tron on the road in Munich since September 2011. It’s part of a pilot project test with consumers that are using it under everyday conditions. The results will be presented in the ‘Showcasing Electromobility’ project being funded by the German federal government.

Although Audi’s first electric vehicle will be a fairly small scale production of the Audi A8 E-tron, the real ‘pioneering vehicle in this field is the Audi A3, with the market launch of a plug-in version slated for 2014,’ says Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler. The next-generation Audi A4 will follow shortly after.

There are of course no specs on any of these vehicles, but it does stand to say something when the company comes to the public with a firm commitment.

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