BMW 2 Series Active Tourer image leaked

Earlier today, some pictures of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer were leaked on the BMW Blog, and rather than have grainy photographs circulating the web, BMW decided to respond to the leak by releasing it’s own high-res photos of the production ready Active Tourer.

The Active Tourer is BMW’s first front wheel drive vehicle, but BMW promises is will drive and handle just like its rear-wheel drive brethren.

It’s only slightly longer than a 1 series vehicle, and is powered by a 3 cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine. With a high seating position, comfortable seating for 5 people and a 3 way splitting rear seat, this vehicle should be popular among families.

Electronic features include a heads up display, auto-steer parking, auto braking, and LED headlamps.

The Active Tourer is set to launch later this year, with a plug-in hybrid version set to follow in early to mid 2015. BMW already has a page on the vehicle

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