BMW Concept Active Tourer confirmed for production

On display at the New York Auto Show, BMW’s Concept Active Tourer is a 5 door hatchback plug-in hybrid crossover vehicle with 4 wheel drive. Soon to join the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in the ranks of 4 wheel drive electric vehicles, a transverse mounted engine drives the front wheels and an electric motor drives the rear wheels.

According to BMW, the Concept Active Tourer is built on the UKL1 platform which will be used for the next generation Mini line-up as well as a range of entry level BMWs that will join the 1-series lineup late in 2013. The Concept Active Tourer utilizes  a small turbocharged engine code named B38 Рthe same 3 cylinder engine that will be used in the BMW i8 sports car.

BMW claims the Concept Active Tourer is listed at 188hp total, and the 0-62 mph time is less than 8 seconds. With a fuel efficiency claim of 113 mpg, the electric only range of the BMW Active Tourer is 18 miles.

According to, a BMW insider says the Active Tourer “will enter production imminently.” Since the concept looks so close to current BMW production vehicles, little is expected to change on the upcoming BMW plug-in hybrid crossover vehicle.

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