BMW delivers first i3 electric vehicles in Germany

Release Date: 2013
MSRP: $43,000 - $50,000 US
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The first deliveries of the BMW i3 have happened a day earlier than BMW promised. Today, at a special ceremony, BMW’s Ian Robertson, a member of the Board of Management at BMW, handed out the keys to the first BMW i3 owners in Munich this afternoon.

The lucky owners of the first delivered BMW i3s today

Today marks a milestone in the history of the BMW Group, as we hand  over our first BMW i premium electric vehicle to customers. In doing  so, we are bringing sustainable mobility to the roads

Among the other dignitaries at the ceremony, Roland Kruger, Senior Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany for the BMW Group, also got in a few words and talked about the release in Germany. “Innovative vehicles need innovative distribution channels. For this reason, the BMW i3 can now be ordered over the phone and online.” Kruger went on to say that BMW is delighted to have “46 carefully chosen BMW i agents in Germany, who are investing in the future of BMW i with us.”

BMW will be introducing the i3 electric vehicle in a large number of European countries over the next few months. In 2014, the i3 is headed to North America with a starting price in the US of $41,350 and a starting price in Canada of $44,950.

BMW i3 delivered in Germany today

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