BMW i3 receives EPA rating

Release Date: 2013
MSRP: $43,000 - $50,000 US
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The EPA has released it’s ratings for the 2014 BMW i3 electric vehicle, and it comes out on top! The official US EPA efficiency ratings for the BMW i3 are 138 MPGe on the highway and 11 MPGe in the city, with an overall rating of 124 MPGe. That puts the i3 above the Chevy Spark EV’s 119 MPGe rating, and the Honda Fit EV’s 118 MPGe rating.

The EPA has also released range ratings, and put it right around the rest of the electric vehicle pack with a total range of 81 miles.

This info comes from a window sticker photo taken on a BMW i3 at a New Jersey dealership earlier today. Tom Moloughney has posted the window sticker on his website.

Source: Tom’s i3 blog

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  1. Sorry, but almost no one who buys an EV cares in the least about MPGe. What they DO care about is range and the i3 is a fail in that category.

    2011 Leaf owner

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