Chevrolet Volt production to end March 2019

We are ending production of the Volt March 1, 2019

Earlier today General Motors announced the upcoming closure of several of its production factories including the Detroit-Hamtrack Assembly plant in Detroit. That plant is the birthplace of the Chevy Volt.

GM has invested heavily in ‘highly efficient vehicle architectures’ including crossovers and SUVs, and they official state that “GM now intends to prioritize future vehicle investments in its next-generation battery-electric architectures.” This seems to imply that GM is moving it’s focus to larger, battery powered vehicles in the CUV, SUV and truck categories.

This led to confusion about whether or not the Volt will be produced at another plant, and GM’s official response is “We are ending production of the Volt March 1, 2019.”

Source: Jalopnik

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