Daimler hopes to expand cooperation with Tesla

Daimler AG, the German parent company of Mercedes-Benz, wants to expand on its partnership with Tesla Motors. Tesla used to supply electric motors and batteries to Daimler for it’s previous generation Smart ForTwo Electric Drive (not the current 3rd gen version), and will supply parts for the new Mercedes Benz B-Class electric vehicle that is set to go on sale next year in the United States and Europe.

Bodo Uebber, Daimler’s chief financial officer, said at a press briefing that he told his people “go back to Tesla and look for other opportunities” to work together. “We want to look for more cooperation.” Since Daimler holds a 4.3% stake in Tesla, increased cooperation can benefit both parties.

According to Uebber, Daimler is already reviewing plans for its next generation of small vehicles due around 2018.

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