DeLorean Electric details and cost from New York Auto Show

2013 DeLorean Electric

The New York Auto Show surprised many people with the DeLorean Electric. Apparently even DeLorean Motor Company president didn’t know he was going to be there until a few weeks ago.

The DMCev is slated for production in 2013. Between now and then lots needs to happen though, since the electric DeLorean’s in New York were just retro fitted gas powered DeLoreans. The DMCev is powered by a 32-kWh battery pack and has a 125 mile per hour top speed. The electric motor provides 265 horsepower, and preliminary test drives of the DeLorean Electric concepts prove that the DeLorean finally drives like the sports car it was always meant to be.

DMCev battery pack

DeLorean says the DMCev gets 2 to 3 miles per kWh depending of course on driving habits and terrain. The 32kWh battery pack is of the Lithium Iron Phosphate type, which provides an expected range of between 64 and 96 miles per charge. The batteries are the safe lithium meaning they do not explode if compromised in an impact. DeLorean also says that the DMCev can be rechared via 220v  in around 4 to 5 hours.

The DeLorean Electric will cost around $95,000 – is this a price point that will get people to buy?


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