Hyundai announces Kona Electric pricing for the UK

Release Date: 2019
MSRP: $36,450
Battery Pack Size: 39.2 kWh or 64 kWh
Electric Range: 186 miles or 292 miles WLTP, 258 miles EPA
MPGe: 117 MPGe
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Hyundai Motors UK announced the KONA electric pricing and specifications for the soon-to-be-available sub-compact crossover EV.

The smaller battery pack version of the Kona EV, with 39.2 kWh of capacity, will start from £29,495 – not including the £4500 plug-in car grant. The larger, 64 kWh version of the electric vehicle is available from £36,295 and comes with additional premium features like LED headlamps and heads up display, as well as electrically adjustable heated and ventilated front seats.

With such competitive pricing, it looks like Hyundai is serious about selling the KONA EV in large quantities, even after it had to tell people that had pre-ordered in Norway that they may be waiting until 2020 to get their car because of the huge demand.

Initially, the KONA Electric will be available to order exclusively from Hyundai’s Click to Buy website, and will rollout to the UK dealer network in 2019.

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