Mercedes Benz B-class Electric Drive in Paris

Release Date: Summer 2014
MSRP: $41,350
Battery Pack Size: 28kWh (MB says 28kWh usable)
Electric Range: 100+
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B-class electric drive front view at the Paris Motor Show

At the 2012 Paris Auto Show, Mercedes Benz showed off a number of alternative fuel versions of their popular B-class vehicles including a natural gas version and the B-Class Electric Drive (which was previously called a B-class E-cell).

The B-class Electric Drive from Mercedes uses a 134 horsepower electric motor (100 kW) and delivers 229 lb-ft of torque. The small hatchback has a top speed of 93 miles per hour. The unofficial range is listed at 124 miles.

Mercedes didn’t mention the size of the lithium-ion battery pack, but they did say it will be chargeable through a 220-volt outlet, and using a 400-volt quick charger, the Mercedes Benz B-class Electric Drive can drive 31 miles with an hour charge. The lithium-ion battery is stored under the floor in the rear of the vehicle in the ‘Energy Space’ as Mercedes is calling it.

Owners will be able to designate when the B-Class Electric Drive will charge, taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates. The interior has updated instruments to cover functions specific to the Electric Drive version including a power display, while trying to maintain a clean a non-distracting display to the driver. The Mercedes B-class Electric Drive receives special barges and embroidered head restraints that aren’t found on the non-electric versions. The Electric Drive will also receive a ‘striking’ front bumper and side skirts as well as a newly designed rear bumper. The charger is hidden behind the filler flap. A special blue color effect on the headlights will let oncoming traffic know that the B-class Electric Drive is ‘an emission free electric vehicle’.

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