Nissan Leaf sales expected to double when TN plant comes online

Release Date: Currently available in most of the US and Canada
MSRP: $29,990
Battery Pack Size: 40 kWh
Electric Range: 150 miles
MPGe: 99 MPGe
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Nissan is ambitiously expecting Leaf sales to double once the Tennessee plant comes online in December this year. The sales boost would give Nissan a change at hitting the 20,000 Leaf sales goal it had hoped for in their 2012 fiscal year (which ends March 31, 2013).

The Smyrna TN plant will be ramped up for Leaf production in December. The facility will be able to build 200,000 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles and 150,000 battery packs per year. We’re not quite sure why being able to produce more vehicles will help sales. Are there still people waiting for a Leaf that want one? Or will increased and domestic production bring a decrease in the price of the Leaf which in turn could result in more sales?

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