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  1. What a different irtacle this would be if you only had educated yourself about useful facts about emissions and primary energy. So many people criticize without havig any knowledge. The impact of charging your plug-in hybrid using coal power is minimal compared to the impact of conventional crude oil. So under the worst emission conditions of primary power, the hybrid still makes a lot more sense than gasoline. Considering new coal plants may soon require Carbon sequestration and storage (CSS) this will drop emissions of coal plants by at least half. If primary power is solar or wind or NG, emissions are zero or at worst half of what coal emits.Clean technology is in its early stages, it is not supposed to be very competitive with current ICE technology. It has to start somewhere and that selling point is reduced emissions. Until mass production and technology advance a little more it will not compete in price or performance. I expect that electrics will reach that target in no more than 10 years. Research is ongoing on making batteries cheaper, lighter, and higher energy density. They are expected to last at least 10 years before replacing. Batteries are currently 97% recycleable so no impact to environment there. That is only expected to improve. You use references such as other seems like guessing work at best. I just completed a thesis on sustainability of alternative fuels, and electric over hybrid over hydrogen are the most viable options for environmental impact. Hydrogen has a big obstacle to overcome, that is to produce hydrogen from electrolysis at low energy levels. The other option not listed is cellulosis ethanol from switchgrass feedstock. This last option may even compete with hybrids favorably.There are endless hidden costs which you don’t even begin to mention on your irtacle which refer to impact of crude oil fuel production (conventional and unconventional sources). One clear example of hidden costs are the oil spill in the Gulf. Who will pay for this? have you considered this as part of the cost of gasoline? most likely not. The government will end up paying this out of OUR TAXES. Thus, at the end, these hidden costs add to the cost of gas and makes it much more expensive than clean energy. I could go on and on about crude oil, natural gas and the biggest lie of all, ethanol from corn. I suggest you read on the subject before opining false information to the readers.

  2. shanae0105 | May 11, 2012 at 11:16 am |

    It seems Chevy was not about to let Toyota, Daimler and Fiat have the mini electric vehicle industry all to themselves. To that end, Chevrolet is releasing the Spark mini for just a shade under $13,000, which is not bad. There are only 3 other mini automobiles on the market from major auto makers, so the field is relatively light at this time.

  3. Consumer Reports are not EV friendly when evaluating the vehicles and tend to look at the worst case scenarios, such as is the case with this iMiev review.

    Trust the EPA numbers, I find them very reliable for both Gasoline and EV’s. Consumer Reports are IMHO anti-EV.

    Driving an EV does require the driver to modify their typical driving habits to get the most from the vehicles. It is possible to leave gas vehicles standing at traffic lights and still get great efficiency, no need to press hard on the accelerator.

    The iMiev is a easy and fun vehicle to drive, especially in ‘B’ driving mode when one pedal driving is possible. This makes driving the most efficient due to avoiding the use of friction brakes for all maneuvers except emergencies and parking.

    The CR report doesn’t say, but I bet they never got out of D mode or even understand the benefit of B mode.

  4. Sure Tesla’s DC fast charger is bigger and better, but so is the car 🙂

    The take away for me from this news is that Tesla is ensuring there will be an infrastructure for their vehicles. Nissan are depending more on the govt funded EV Project and other such schemes plus commercial charging networks around the country.

    Nissan need to take a leaf (pun intended) out of Tesla’s book and seed the DC fast charge infrastructure around the US to dispel the overblown range anxiety concerns potential buyers have in their heads.

  5. Don’t attempt this at home boys and girls!!

    High speed driving in reverse is very difficult to control. This really is a stunt in the truest sense of the word.

    I used to own a Daf 66 in the UK many moons ago. Their CVT system allowed for the same speed in reverse as forwards without any governor restricting the speed. I tried going fast in reverse and the steering becomes very difficult to control above 30 mph. The closest parallel I can think of to help explain the sensation, is that it is like a badly loaded trailer that starts fishtailing at higher speeds, one can easily tip a car over 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the video, it should be very entertaining.

  6. Whole Foods install chargers that are not part of a large network, and don’t appear to have any way to take payment. It’s my opinion they will stay free for the foreseeable future.

    EVSE’s that are part of a network, like Blink, Chargepoint, NRG have to charge to stay afloat. I’m not sure they will survive, EV owners will baulk at paying 60c per kilowatt hour.

  7. Reality Hits Hard | August 6, 2012 at 7:16 pm |

    Until the range issues is figured out, the plug in only will not sell significant numbers.

  8. Any chance you could credit me with that photo please? It’s one I took of my car charging in the U.K. for use on GreenCarReports.



  9. Any word on a reasonably priced 220V 30/32A EVSE? Preferably portable. SPX isn’t either shipping or “developing” the 3XA option for their EVSE.

  10. Storeowners / Mall owners – let’s think this through. EV owners probably have more disposable income than most (they likely also have an ICE vehicle available), and they will linger at your store/mall for hours in order to grab a dollar or two of electricity. Sounds like a GREAT deal to CAPTURE customers who spend. A much better attractor than buy-one get-one coupons!

  11. Love the vehicle. Have seen it display 98 mile range (city speeds). A bit optimistic but certainly 80+ miles in the real world.

  12. I would love to see a Leaf that has better range and is less expensive. Even more important, they are planning a redesign of the exterior. I have always hated the Leaf’s styling and I know Nissan can do much better.

  13. Need free 240v charger

  14. Iive in the Antelope Valley of California and have lost up to 20 potential miles in the heat. I went from recording ranges of77+ to suddenly barely making 60 total ( driven and remaining potential ). Nissan plugged the computer into my Leaf and declared nothing wrong. I drive around in a very hot car because I cannot afford the additional loss to make it into town and back again. I’m beginning to become very worried.

  15. Kelly R. Olsen | September 19, 2012 at 12:14 am |

    This is sad to see and disappointing that Nissan has not taken the high road. I hope they change their attitude and realize that the early adopters need to be seen as leaders and should be treated with respect. You invested money in good faith into an new unproven product and in return for your risk you deserve loyalty and cooperation.

    The people involved in replying to this should be removed from their job and located someplace else within the company. They need to take responsibility and work hard to fix the problem and make all of the owners completely happy and satisfied. Anything else is unacceptable.

    I still plan on getting a 2013 LEAF, but this makes me a bit concerned.

    • Nissan has started buying back some of the Leafs in Arizona – similar to the lemon law, but not because they were forced under the lemon law (as Nissan says).

  16. where can i bay your batteries now

  17. I went to see C-Max Hybrid last weekend. The Energi isn’t available yet but the body should very similar. We found the trunk to have LESS space than the LEAF. Great leg room in rear seats though. They seem to have sacrificed trunk room for leg room.

    I didn’t like the build quality of the rear seats.

    Front of vehicle and its gizzmos look awesome.

    I’m not so excited by the possibility of the C-Max energi now I’ve seen the c-max ‘in the flesh’

  18. For short trips I’m very happy so far. The only complaint so far with my ’12 SV is that the backup
    lights do not shine on the road
    but rather up in the trees.
    Three cents of electricity per mile. GREAT! after 2k miles.
    Good luck, Don

  19. I have seen a C-Max Hybrid IRL. I was underwhelmed by the small trunk space. It had a neat organizer, the first words out my Wife’s mouth was the trunk in the LEAF is bigger than that!!

    Rear seats leg room however is great.

  20. with a 150-300% savings in transportation over gas, EVs are a no brainer. We always plan to use the LEAF for the longest commute of the day to save our pennies. Only a handful of times (not counting family outings) where we had to use the Prius

  21. I can’t wait till my Nissan Leaf Lease is up so I can get a Model X

  22. Wow! State of the art propulsion system, eh? A slight tweak of the Voltec system used in the Volt? The Car that must not be mentioned on this site?

  23. I too find myself taking the Volt whenever possible. Our Volt only stays home for two reasons. First is the long trips, where the hybrid will use a little less gas, and second, hauling things too big for the Volt when I have to break the pickup truck out of hibernation. It is amazing how much _will_ fit in the back of a Volt!

  24. “the most stringent smog-emission standard there is”, there are zero emission areas. Super low emissions are great, but zero is lower.

  25. This car just makes sense if it will be for 7 passengers. Unless the Volvo PHEV will be for sure the better choice. Does anybody know about Outlander PHEV and amount of passengers?

  26. garry lipinski | January 8, 2013 at 2:28 am |

    If the EPA is not actually testing most vehicles milage themselves then what the hell good is a EPA rating? You mean to tell me the car manufactures just have to tell the EPA that a certain vehicle gets a certain MPG and the EPA will give it their certification! What a #%&@n JOKE!!! An EPA milage certification then means absolutly nothing!!! There should be a law suite filed aginst the EPA also!!! This is pure neglegence by the EPA!

    • I agree – an EPA rating means nothing if the EPA doesn’t even do the rating. There’s plenty of people outraged by this and the Hyundai/Kia debacle. It will be interesting to see if something changes.

    • I bought my C-max hybrid end of January this year. Have had to take my car repeatedly to the dealership for one problem or another. It has never given me the mpg rating that was shown on the sticker that prompted me to get the car. Odometer reading now stands at 9,500 miles and I still am getting only 39 miles to the gallon.

      Have tried to talk with Ford; have sent an email to the President and CEO of Ford. Only response I get is a run around.

  27. Ronald Kramer | January 11, 2013 at 11:13 am |

    I also lease a 2010 Prius and Insight both of which have far superior MPG
    Performance (40-51mpg). I thought this would be a Prius Killer? As a
    cross over buyer I feel deceived. I want to support US companies and US
    jobs. What was Ford thinking when they published 47 / 47 estimates? I
    would have been ok with low 40’s but low 28-33 is not even in the ball
    park. Mark my words there will be no fix for this. Ford should offer
    to take the cars back or offer cash compensation to offset the
    mileage claims. The EPA estimates will have to be adjusted to the mid
    30’s and sell the cars as is. Which is ok as long as the consumer knows
    what they are buying.

    My dealer’s sales and service department were ok at the beginning of the complaint process, but now have turned hostile and un-professional.

    Ronald Kramer
    Yankee Ford Customer
    South Portland, Maine`

  28. It’s nice to see advancements in technology being applied and refinements, but Nissan needs to do more marketing and other styling.
    styling – The car still looks like an econo car. It’s sad since Nissan has such beautiful cars in it’s line up and this is just basically a versa with cool tech. Interior design could use some work, look at what Toyota has done with the Prius as of late, feels like you’re kinda in a Star Trek shuttle. very cool.
    Marketing – Nissan needs to broaden it’s marketing efforts to beyond the green folks (I love my leaf, but I am not a greenie, not that there’s anything wrong with that). First step should be a gradual change in name. Start calling it the Nissan Electric Leaf, then maybe at some point calling it the Nissan EL. that seems to me to be more tech sporty sounding.

  29. Wow that’s one heck of a discount!!

    With the $7,500 federal credit, that makes it a $18,000 vehicle, in some states after credits that works out to $15,000. It should sell well at that price.

  30. When the updated prices will take effect in the market..

  31. Ronald Kramer | February 6, 2013 at 8:10 am |

    I thought my C-MAX would be a Prius Killer? As a cross over buyer I feel deceived. I want to support US companies and US jobs. What was Ford thinking when they published 47/ 47 estimates? I would have been ok with low 40’s but low 28-33 is not even in the ballpark. Mark my words there will be no fix for this. Ford should offer to take the cars back or offer cash compensation to offset the mileage claims. The EPA estimates will have to be adjusted to the mid 30’s and sell the cars as is. My dealer’s sales and service department were ok at the beginning of the complaint process, but now have turned hostile and un-professional.

    Ronald Kramer
    Yankee Ford Customer
    South Portland, Maine

  32. Gary Reggiani | February 7, 2013 at 10:42 pm |

    What dealers in California have the new electric / Gas car available ?

  33. What are the reviews of the vehicle, Good, Bad or worst.

  34. The I3 won’t take off here in Europe, it’s just too expensive, but it will probably find a few homes in the U.S where sales taxes are mouth watering low.

    You see car makers don’t realise that they need to make electric cars cheap for everyone, those that can afford luxury car prices will stick to luxury cars, they don’t have to worry about filling the tank, so the people who would benefit most are those who actually feel the pain of filling the tank, such as ordinary working Europeans that have to pay huge fuel taxes, These are the people that will buy electric cars in large numbers if they are cheap enough and good enough.

    Electric cars would at the very least need an ultra fast charging ability of 150 kw, that would revolutionise electric cars, 50 kw DC charging is way too slow.

    You can live with a 100 mile range if chargers are everywhere, especially really fast charging 5-10 mins absolute max.

    Longer lasting batteries that can take the fast charging, and reassurance that they will buy back the old pack and give you a new one at a decent price, as there will still be a lot of value in those spent packs. Currently I doubt there will be any value in an electric car after 5 years and say, 80,000+ miles especially when the likes of Nissan say they will only “repair” a pack and not provide a new one.

    Not only that but Nissan seem to think that it’s acceptable to say the Leaf’s battery is good even at 75% capacity, A battery may, in the battery world of cell phones and laptops be good at 75% or above but not in a car with 100 and less miles, especially if it can only do 70 max in the cold at 50-60 mph

    The car makers need to do a lot better and fast. And the Governments need to get their acts together and install fast chargers everywhere and not just in commuter areas but in places of tourism, beaches, parks etc where people like to take weekend trips or holidays with the family, you see most people want a car that can do everything a current car can.

    The car makers need to listen to what people WANT not to what they think we want.

  35. David Johnson | February 27, 2013 at 3:01 pm |

    I leased a FFE over the weekend and got a pretty good deal. $1000 down and payments of of about $325/mo for 3 years. Rebates totaled $10,750, plus I get the $7,500 tax incentive. I can buy at the end residual of about $20k.

  36. jim stack | March 1, 2013 at 5:28 am |

    This needs to be updated. The S has won every car award from every car magazine and even Popular Science as the best car.

    They are still sold out for over a year and have upped production so Tesla is now cash flow positive.

    We also need to add a concept car item for the Tesla C blue star compact !

  37. Guten Tag

    Mir hat der Colibri sehr gefallen, schade nur das wir an der Auto Salon Ausstellung 2013 nicht mit einem Händler sprechen konnten, dazu kommt noch das ein Herr der wohl die Wache hielt über dieses Auto meine Frau fast von dem besagtem Auto weggejagt hat, vieleicht aus Angst man könne das E-Mobile “beschmutzen”.
    Schade, ich hätte mehr in Erfahrung bringen wollen:-(

    Aber eben: Wenn nicht der richtige Mensch am richtigen Ort und das zur richtigen Zeit ist, geht einiges an gutem Verloren.(Beratung und Verkaufsinteresse)

    Trotzdem: Ich werde weiterhin aus der Schweiz die Entwiklung des Colibri mit Spannung verfolgen.

    Ich Grüsse Sie herzlich

    Contin Sandro

  38. Will the new Mitsubishi Outlander Phev use low level plug in household connectors? If so will this change the consumers electricity rates during peak or non peak times?

  39. If and when the Mitsubishi Pajero is introducted to the United States in 2015. Will there be an uprgrade in its development and platform of the PHEV plug in Hybrid system, seeing as it will be a much heavier chasis? Will there be a varieted Plugin hybrid sport package system that will allow more versitility?

  40. For those of who consider HEV vehicles for economical purposes and most importantly extended amounts of travelel. Will Cadillac ELR consumers benefit from a shorter charging window?

  41. ELR forums are stating that Volt owners are being bashed with the Cadillac ELR introduction to the Hybrid market will the cost of ownership be significantly increased?

  42. What is the Hybrid consumer benefiting from a $50,000 dollar car from an economical standpoint.

  43. ELR forums have yet to reveil the true facts of a luxury hybrid such as the Cadillac ELR. Does this introduction make financial sense, even in an era of high gas prices?

    • If gas prices get high enough it will make financial sense. However, the Cadillac ELR it is still better on fuel/wallet than a comparable luxury sports car.

      • You are correct, the Cadillac ELR is simply a volt with a tuxedo. However is the Cadillac ELR going to attract eco friendly consumers that are truly just trying to get from point A to B more efficiently regardless of the luxury?

        • That’s the age old question. People trying to save money on gas aren’t interested in hybrids, and people who want the status of being green want to drive something that is recognizable as green (like a Prius). There is no luxury green car aside from the Fisker Karma and Tesla Model S (which seems to have no troubles selling).

  44. Will the Cadillac ELR have adiquate cargo space?

  45. Cadillac ELR back seats fold down, will the ELR have a 60/40 split?

  46. Has any of the Cadillac ELR performance tests reveiled the 0-60 mph times?

  47. Sirlu10ent | March 20, 2013 at 8:11 pm |

    The Pajero PHEV Hybrid will it com with optional Pano roof?

    • The Pajero PHEV isn’t even a sure thing, it was merely mentioned as a possibility. We’re betting that given the response to the Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi will seriously consider a Pajero PHEV.

      • Seeing as Mitsubishi does not have a a current flaghip large 7 passenger SUV the Outlander PHEV Plugin maybe there answer. Moving forward well see.

  48. is anyone looking forward to the new Outlander PHEV plug in Hybrid?

  49. Sirlu10ent | March 20, 2013 at 8:22 pm |

    Anyone know what the instyle color options will be in the upcoming Outlander PHEV plug in?

  50. Does anyone know how the Outlander PHEV plug in will do in the cold weather?

  51. Sirlu10ent | March 20, 2013 at 8:29 pm |

    Trying to get safety specs on the Outlander PHEV plugin anyone know?

  52. How will the Outlander plug in technology fair with those who live in the moutainous regions?

  53. Sirlu10ent | March 20, 2013 at 8:38 pm |

    Is the instrumental panel on the Cadillac ELR going to have an engine vs electric power management system that you can manage on the go?

  54. Is the Cadillac ELR going to introduce an upgraded Nav system with bak up camera?

  55. Has GM revelead the Cadillac ELR true weight?

  56. Is the Cadillac ELR going to implement this new 3 cylinder engine desighn?

    • There’s a good possibility, but the 3 cylinder might not be in the 2014 Cadillac ELR, maybe later in 2015 or 2016.

  57. New product introduction sometimes finds these things they solved it well

    I’m still saving up for buying one.

    Go Mits !!

  58. Won’t this announcement just kill sales of the current Volt?

    • Possibly – but there’s no date given for the next generation Volt, so maybe people will think it’s too long to wait…

  59. I believe this matches my behavior for which I attribute two factors. 1) Lower cost per mile to drive. My gas car is spending more time in the garage as I prefer my Leaf for around town drives. And, 2) public charging locations are not yet as widespread as and I am more than happy to travel several miles out of my way for a free quick charge.

  60. “Bulk orders of the i3 are not where the strength of this proposition lies. Instead, there’s a strong interest in what the i3 says” – I believe this is PR speak for “this is going to cost WAY more than you expected”.

  61. Why isn’t it advertised on the Mitsubishi website?

  62. Does anyone know if Cadillac will have the foresight to offer colors specific to only the ELR?

    • You are correct. What we meant to say is that the 2013 Nissan Leaf received top ratings, and is a 2013 Top Safety Pick from IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Instead we said it received top ratings from the NHTSA.

      Article has been updated.

  63. Infiniti Bridgeport | May 22, 2013 at 4:48 am |

    If it goes on the market this Infiniti EV will be the best looking one in the market and the only luxury EV on the market as well. It’s bound to draw more buyers into the green car segment.

  64. Bruce C Boatwright | May 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm |

    Will GM sell/lease charging stations for home installation?
    Can’t wait to see this car in person.

    • Although they haven’t said yet, GM will likely have a recommended charging station for the vehicle. It’s unlikely GM themselves will deal will selling/leasing it.

  65. Does anyone know how much it costs to fuly charge the battery of the smart electric?

  66. I have reserved a new Honda Fit EV at my local dealer after being told that my deposit was fully refundable if I decided not to lease the car once I had my test drive.
    My question is this: will I be able to plug it into my regular house outlet immediately or do I need a special ” home charging station” installation first?

    • You can charge the Fit EV using a standard 110V plug – it just takes a while. Somewhere around 12 hours if I remember correctly.

      • I ordered my Honda Fit EV at the end of May and was told that the dealership had one on order and that my name was on it. They then proceed to say that it could arrive any day, but they have no idea when it will be delivered (they were told “June”).
        Is there really no way of getting a delivery date or VIN? Is Honda not communicating with its dealers?

        • Honda doesn’t seem to be communicating with dealers. Likely because of the recent run on the Fit EV they don’t know when they will have enough built to fill all the backorders.

  67. David Guerra | June 4, 2013 at 10:14 am |

    So-called plug-in hybrids may use a gas engine to power the batteries after their depletion, however the drivetrain always remains fully electric, regardless of whether the batteries are being powered by the gas generator or not. Some incoming models of vehicles of this type will even offer a generator-gas tank module which can be fitted in and out of the car. So, “fully electric drivetrain” is indeed compatible with an extended range. That’s the difference between regular hybrids and plug-in hybrids, one has a hybrid drivetrain while the other has an all-electric drivetrain and only the source of energy alternates between fully electric, using energy that has been taken from the grid, and hybrid, after this stored electricity has been exhausted.

  68. Great! When is it available in Canada?

    • Unlikely it ever will be, unless Canada starts putting CARB-like requirements in place, forcing automakers to sell a certain number of full electric vehicles in order to continue selling gasoline powered vehicles. The Honda Fit EV is only available in CARB states like California and Oregon.

  69. Schnieder Electric EV Link

  70. All the EVSE on one page.
    I put a link on my website to this page.
    Thank you

    Great work


  71. Mike Iimura | June 18, 2013 at 6:43 am |

    The Leviton EVB40-SPT that you have shown is a plug-in type with a NEMA 6-50 plug coming out of the bottom of the unit. It is designed for surface mount, which means that it can plug into a surface mounted electrical box. The EVB40-5PT (Five, not ‘ESS’ Pee-Tee) is designed for flush mount, which means that it can plug in to a NEMA 6-50 receptacle that is recessed in a studded wall. The plug and receptacle are hidden behind the upper part of the plastic cover.

  72. ecologicall | June 18, 2013 at 6:10 pm |

    will it be available to Puerto Rico?

  73. Millard Smallwood | June 19, 2013 at 4:38 pm |

    I picked a dealer on 5/31 and talked to him on the telephone that day. I assumed that filling out the web form on the Honda Fit EV was putting me in a queue. He didn’t mention that I needed to put a deposit in and fill out a leasing agreement at that time. He said they didn’t have any to see or test drive and that they didn’t even have a charger installed. Email him yesterday and he sold me that they had already sold 10 and weren’t taking anymore orders and that test drives were not available since Honda owned them, the dealership insurance wouldn’t cover test test drive!!! This dealer has been with Honda for 34 years.

    • Honda’s system is slightly confusing – the web form does nothing (except sign you up for Fit EV updates as far as we can tell). It’s too bad your dealership didn’t fill you in a little bit more at the time. Any other dealers in the area?

      • Millard Smallwood | June 20, 2013 at 7:22 pm |

        Yes, there is another dealer about 60 miles away, but he already has 25 buyers waiting. He seems to think that Honda is going to increase production of of Fit EV’s and release another batch this fall.

        • That would be great if Honda did make more, but I don’t see them going beyond their ZEV regulated quantities. That’s why they’ve removed the mileage limitation for the Fit EV lease – they are likely just going to scrap them at the end of the leases.

  74. Can’t wait for the Mitsubishi Outlander to come to the U.S; there aren’t many SUV hybrids around so it will be the first of its kind.

  75. we could use these in connecticut??

  76. This seems to be just a gimmick to get your contact info and try to sell you another car…
    When I inquired about the $259 lease I was told about the 1000 limited inventory so I gave up on this car,,,,after reading about this update I requested info thru the Honda website and was directed to the same dealership who then reply again with the same email about the 1000 limited inventory and invited me to buy another car instead…when I replied and mentioned this article I was expecting a reply but they just ignored me email….very dissapointed with Honda and his lack of professionalism in cheating their consumers…

    • Jenny,
      This sounds like a dealer issue and not Honda. Most dealers are not as informed about EV’s and therefore try to steer people to other cars. We need to actually pursue such dealers and let them know that we want EV’s and not just any vehicle! I would also report this dealership to Honda USA.

  77. If 35,000 euros includes a 20% Vat (the current UK rate), it would be 28,000 euros without tax, or about $36,000 USD. It seems that $34,500 is more likely than $42,000.

    Finger crossed. 🙂

  78. Any delay in my mind will be a direct result of halted production earlier this year when Outlanders started to catch fire due to a faulty battery manufacturing process. I believe production was halted for 2 months and demand leading up to the halt was stronger than anticipated.

    Mitsubishi have denied all along that the safety issues would cause any delay with US introduction, but its hard to see how it wouldn’t have an impact.

  79. Antoon Leurs | July 11, 2013 at 9:22 am |

    I definitely assume this is due to the overwhelming response in the Netherlands. I was one of the first to order (dec 7th 2012) in The Netherlands. Per email the Mitsubishi dealer confirmed that nearly 11000 Outlander PHEV’s have been ordered (until some weeks ago). 7000 will be delivered in The Netherlands this year and 4000 next year (which is a disappointment for all those people hoping to get it this year, because per Jan 1st fiscal advantages are less). Production facilities are doubled from 2000 to 4000 per month.

  80. Thanks for clearing that up, Ms. Ko… My goodness- though Nissan engineered battery weaknesses into their LEAF, Mitsu let a better-targeted niche vehicle languish for lack of marketing and even the most rudimentary manufacturer’s expressions of support or any interaction with owners. Just glad that I was able to get a bargain and let Mitsu pay the price for fouled-up marketing.

  81. Tim Warner | July 31, 2013 at 5:50 pm |

    Has anyone heard any updates on the announcement in the article “Honda Accord Plug-in headed to Canada to test market” posted Feb 19th 2013 on

  82. Steve Whittaker | July 31, 2013 at 6:57 pm |

    What are the specfice requirements for the charging stations indoors? Will a vent system be required?

    • No venting system is required, if you’re talking about a home-style EVSE mounted in your garage?

  83. For $199 this is a great price for this car. I pretty sure im trading in my ford SUV for this machine.

    • You must have missed the part in the article that says the 500e is sold out.

      • ?

        We looked at one day before yesterday after riding in a friends and purchased another yesterday that had just arrived! Beautiful Silver 500e E-Sport with black interior and a sunroof… Love the car.

  84. Another reason to cheer Elon Musk on.

    Let’s eliminate the dern dealers. They seem to foul up deals.

  85. Robert Rominger | August 16, 2013 at 12:39 pm |

    Does this charger have a variable rate charge available, or does it only charge at the higher 240v rate? IOW, are the 16 amp and 30 amp capabilities selectable anytime?

    • 240VAC only. No 120VAC OPTION. The on board charger in the car and the ELSE must agree on a safe current before charging can start.

  86. Florian Piper | August 20, 2013 at 4:47 pm |

    Dear Antoon

    I would also like to order / buy and register the car this year . Do you have advise ?

    Best wishes

  87. That’s why I bought a LEAF. Couldn’t be happier. Been driving 25 years and this is the most fun I ever had in a car!

  88. I can’t put one of these in my car because the my spare tire is mounted where this unit goes. I rather have the spare tire.

  89. The Outlander has twice the electric range and is available now.

    This concept car is outdated before it even hits Frankfurt.

  90. Meh, poor attempt if you ask me.

    Tesla must be laughing their heads off at the German’s, even the BMW I3 is a joke, 80 odd miles range LOL

    The Audi has got an ICE = FAIL.

    8.8 kwh battery = Fail.

    38-45,000 euro’s = fail

    Here in Ireland it can’t qualify for the 5,000 Euro grant and ultra expensive taxes will have to be paid because it’s got an ICE = FAIL

    Nissan Leaf costs 25,000-27,000 and runs for 60 winter miles -84 in summer, fast charge for up to 120 miles a day or plug in at destination to a normal charger.

    The Nissan also requires far less maintenance and far less expensive to fuel.

    I’d buy the Chevy Spark EV far more than the Audi A3 E-tron and more winter range than the Leaf with it’s heated battery.

  91. you have the battery capacity wrong. It is 16.5kWH, not 15.6

  92. Just ordered mine yesterday, got one right away since someone else pulled out I guess (despite 40 person waiting list, go figure). The car is in transit, I should have it in the next 2 weeks.
    Cost is $338/month including taxes, zero down. I will get $2500 back from CA, I will need to spend $1000 on the Level 2 charger at home – and all in all this is a great deal since I will save about $250/month in gas and I will also save over $200/month in toll road fees since I can carpool on the 5/405 instead of paying for the 73 – I am stoked 🙂

    I’m keeping my Ram truck though as my beach mobile…

    • Where did you buy the car. I’d like to get the same deal. Thx.

      • Jeff Hasenau | November 26, 2013 at 5:22 pm |

        Hey Rodger!
        If you’re still looking for one, we got an incredible deal from David Engles at Niello Fiat in Sacramento. They bought out our Honda lease and we drove our beautiful electric orange 500e for no money down and under $300 a month.

  93. They do have cars available as of Sep-12, 2013. I walked into the dealership and got one that’s currently in transit – I picked the orange with white seats. Two others (dk gray and silver) are also available and not yet sold…

  94. Of course all the reports happened in the last 5 years. The Focus Electric has only been available for about a year.

  95. Similar experiences as noted in this forum. Requirements and procedures appear to change depending on who you talk to. Dealers point at the manufacture and the manufacture points back at the dealer? No one seems to know the procedure. There should be a clear set procedure…whatever it may be. Very disappointing

    • We may never see a Honda FIT EV in Arizona. They made 1,100 to meet the requirement and no more are coming from what I’ve seen.
      Too bad it has the best range and price of any EV on the market in that category. Only Tesla beats them and everyone.

  96. I am looking forward to buying one. I love my V6 2014 Outlander. I will be insane over a plug in hybrid.

  97. Looking forward to more EV choices.

  98. daryl cleary | October 8, 2013 at 6:35 pm |

    is this a 100 percent electric(no gas burning engine on board) or plug in hybrid?

    • It’s an extended range electric vehicle, just like the Chevy Volt. It uses the same drivetrain as the Volt, with a slightly upgraded electric motor.

  99. Just gave the competition a year to catch up.

    Doubtful Toyota can provide ANYTHING at this price point.

    But, there’s a world of manufacturers that would DIE to have such demand.

    Put the new Accord drivetrain into the Odessey and it will rule the world.

  100. Was waiting for the pricing. Now I’m waiting for the punch line to this joke.

    Ordering the Tesla S Monday.

    • I think there are many disappointed people out there that were waiting for the ELR pricing. I wonder who GM thinks will buy at this price – they’re betting big on the range extender being their advantage over Tesla, and I guess technically the 2 are not even in the same class/market segment.

  101. Bruce C Boatwright | October 17, 2013 at 12:28 am |

    Count me out.

  102. John D. Simpson | October 21, 2013 at 7:46 pm |

    I once turned off my FFE while stopped at a traffic light thinking I was turning off the radio. It took me a couple seconds to realize what I did.

    • Funny, but could happen to anyone! I’m hoping that most of the Focus Electric stalling issues being reported aren’t due to the same circumstances!

  103. Hopefully the built in range extender will be more efficient than the one found in the Volt. As in, not OTTO cycle but Atkinson cycle or a variation of lean burn.

  104. We purchased from Autonation Roseville Fiat. No dealer markup. Really easy to work with and nice people. Monique and Shawne are who we dealt with. Ping them they have a few coming in that are not spoken for. Tell them David and Mary sent you 🙂

  105. I understand that the Outlander PHEV is now selling in Frankfurt at equivalent $57-67k USD.

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but wasn’t one reason for the excitement that the pricing was closer to $40k USD?

    That comes across as a LOT of $$.
    It may be nice, but it’s NOT that nice.

    • I think the conversion is high, but typically vehicles in Europe, with a straight currency conversion, cost more than the equivalent model sells for in the US.

  106. This is so exciting. I hope we do not have to wait too long for these cars to come into production. I hope at least one of them is available as an EV. We need a hard top convertible by the way! Bring back an EV Eclipse Spyder model.

  107. Great to see an array of concept vehicles. However it would be nice to see a real PHEV SUV actually for sale in the US. 2013 then 2014 now we are looking at 2015 before the Outlander PHEV comes to the US. If sales continue to be strong in Japan and Europe one wonders if the Outlander PHEV will ever make it to the US.

  108. But: I don’t see any inductive chargers here!

  109. In the Phoenix Arizona area we find it’s hard to get a Focus EV without leather. That adds close to $800 to the sticker.
    Also all the local dealers aren’t aware of the $5 a year registration for pure electrics, HOV lane access even if your alone. So they always charge about $780 for registration, then have to give us a check back for about $650 if we ask and pursue them.

    We can then get a zero down $300 a month lease for 3 years. Not bad.

  110. This seems like a good plan. The details should allow us to get a replacement anytime we want it like the Smart car EV plan.
    If we have to wait for a 30-50 loss it would be a problem. I want to see the details.
    I’d also want the new lizard hot weather battery so it will hold up for them and us.

  111. The Bosch Power Xpress you have shown maxes out at 30A–its adjustable.

    • The product list wasn’t displaying multiple amperage ratings properly, but now it is. Thanks so much for letting us know!

      The link you referenced lists the Power XPress at 32 amps max, so we’ve updated to display that. If that is incorrect and it should be 30 amp maximum, let us know.

  112. This is a dream car!
    Freeway use in our reality (Southern California reality!?) is 60 to 70 miles for us. It will go 70+ miles on a charge but not at 75 MPH!

    Also interesting that my lease docs are dated June 21? And I know I wasn’t the first EV delivery… 😉

  113. Sure, many “2014” model cars have been on lots for nearly half a year now, but Mitsu continues their clueless marketing with this move by allowing iMiEV inventory to zero out and then announcing that the car will return to lots with minimal changes and an unknown price sometime in the spring? This should be the most affordable EV on the market with quick charge, plus a sport option with at least the 60kw/195 Nm power from the Outlander PHEV rear axle….

  114. I have been waiting for this car for over a year. When they announced the pricing I was very disappointed. This is no more than a upgraded Volt so I was expecting the price in the 55K range.

    This made me look long and hard at the other options out there. The Volt is too plain and I am in the market for a luxury car. Leaf…no thanks.

    Long and the short of it I bought a Tesla and take delivery of it December 26.

    I don’t what to sound bitter but what was GM thinking? I saw on another area they will sell 2000 of these per year. Tesla’s are selling 18000 a year at almost 1/3 more in price after “options”.

    Pricing is huge in this market. Another GM blunder.

  115. With only a 47KW electric motor it’ll be slow. It only gets 112MPGe combined EPA. The Chevy Spark or Fit EV gets 118/119MPGe EPA combined, with more range, and quite a bit more horsepower.

    I’d say the I-MiEV is cheap for a reason

    • There’s no doubt – and if I remember correctly the i-MiEV is smaller than the Spark EV and Fit EV. However, both the Spark EV and Fit EV are not available nationally, and they cost more. For the time being at least, the i-MiEV comes in at the lowest price, is widely available, and I think we’ll see a lot of them selling in the coming months.

    • Danwat1234,
      You say, “it will be slow”.
      It sounds like you have not driven the car. As with most EV’s, the instant torque from a stand still is not what I would describe as slow. Granted, it doesn’t launch like a Tesla but slow, NO.

      Best regards.

  116. Even if the i-MiEV is smaller than the Spark, the i-MiEV has more interior room because the i-MiEV doesn’t waste 3 ft in the front for a hood. It’s packaged very well.

    The Spark EV isn’t even available yet.

    The i-MiEV’s 49 kW motor is plenty powerful, and is more efficient and usually has a better range than EPA. We easily beat relatively high-end cars off the line.

  117. Mitsubishi New Zealand has just announced an expected release date of April 2014 for the PHEV Outlander. News articles here:

    Looking forward to the test drive. The human race is overdue for a vehicle like this. Not to mention the environment.

  118. Thomas J. Thias | December 20, 2013 at 11:37 pm |

    Bravo! Bravo! Mitsubushi. Way to go!

    Having been in the trenches promoting Plug-In Electric Cars since the ancient dark days of 2008- 2010 getting the Amazing Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle rocking is is so great to see the other world players weighing in with outstanding superior products that give us fuel options other then gasoline or diesel.

    I will NEVER forgive big oil for jamming us in 2008 for 7 long months of $4 + gas, on top of world near financial collapse.


    Thomas J. Thias

  119. Thomas J. Thias | December 20, 2013 at 11:45 pm |

    Forgot to leave my Chevy Volt MPG stats!

    These MPG stats for my Chevy Volt are from actual compiled raw OnStar™ Data.

    Remember, fuel economy shown is simply miles driven divided by gas burned. While this does not take into consideration my $1 a day or so in electric fuel, it is literaly accurate!


    Thomas J. Thias

  120. John R. Mitchell | January 2, 2014 at 8:27 am |

    After a long wait at last there is an announcement by Mitsubishi of there new model.Good to hear. The last time Mitsubishi Outlander review helped me to buy it for my brother. Lets wait for this model.

  121. Wellington NZ based road test and interview video at the following location:

    Interview starts at around 02:40 in the clip.

    • Thanks for sharing that video! I assume you’re interested in purchasing the Outlander PHEV when it makes it to NZ?

      • If certain things work out right then I would very much like to buy one when they come to NZ. But if I can’t afford it then I’ll just have to wait and keep on pumping fossil fuel into my aging Subaru.

  122. Just drove one today January 10 2014

    OHHH MY GAWD the power is there right now! this second!
    This cars is a BLAST TO DRIVE!!! I am going to lease one I LOVED IT and Ive been 300 000 miles in gas cars from my 66 GTO on up!

  123. i8 is looking so good! Looking forward to its launch!

  124. Jeffrey Songster | January 31, 2014 at 11:42 pm |

    I really appreciate the simplicity of the iMiev… wish it were about 20% larger (why I bought a LEAF). For tooling around town it seems a great choice. For medium metro to metro trips… the CHAdeMO feature included on all iMievs will really help when you need to go 75 to 200 miles.

    I wish them well, it is a better choice than the Spark as it is a compliance car. Barely supported. If Chevy were serious all the dealers would have Combo Chargers. And they would be selling it in all 50 states. At least all the CARB states.

    • Jeffrey Songster | January 31, 2014 at 11:44 pm |

      Oh… also…would be nice if Mitsubishi included a faster onboard charger to go to 7.2kW or at least 5 or 6.

  125. What about the clipper creek HCS-40? 25ft cord with 30amps for under $600. Trumps everybody out there for length and price at 30 amps

  126. Man, I just hope they didn’t ruin the design Mr. Martin nailed. Please, Ford, keep Martin’s legacy. The style rocks. I have a 2013 Focus, electric, and think it’s one of the best design jobs Ford has ever created.

  127. I am currently half way thru a two year lease of a 2012 I-Miev. It has been great to drive and full of get up and go. I am pleased to see the new price point for the car. There are many upgrades to the 2014 that are not on my ES model. I”m particularly glad to see the DC/DC CHAdeMO included as standard equipment.
    My main disappointment is that the onboard charger is still the 3.3 kw.capacity.
    Now if Mitsubishi would only ramp up a serious advertising program these cars would be all over the road.
    Also, the car is being distributed nation wide, not in just a few select states like other “compliance” cars.

    • I, too, am halfway through my 2-year i-MiEV lease. The only other pure electric vehicles available to me in Texas are the LEAF, the Focus Electric, and the Model S (though technically not legal for sale in Texas). None of the “compliance cars” are available here.

      Unless the LEAF has some major changes in 2015 when my lease is up, I am seriously considering leasing another i-MiEV.

      The 3.3kW charger doesn’t bother me and I like having the ability to L3 charge on the new one standard. Rear speakers are nice, too. 😉

  128. Jalal Hamzeh | March 23, 2014 at 5:13 pm |

    what is warning (stop now safely) on ford fusion hybrid 2010

  129. What’s the clunk right before the speedometer starts going up? Is that shifting into drive, or is that his foot stomping the gas pedal to the floor?

  130. JUST PURCHASED THE FIRST OUTLANDER IN NEW ZEALAND, Feels good, pumped about it!!

  131. Shoulda just called it the Twistla Roadster… Hey, I do hope there’s enough room for a Tesla mimic, but without the lucky market timing and investinal fortitude that Musk delivered; colour me skeptical.

  132. Martin WInlow | April 30, 2014 at 8:09 pm |

    Wow. No sign of the RRP coming down in the UK. It is still £28k (US$47k!!!). We can get £5k off from the g-ment but that’s about it. Of course our petrol is ~twice what it is in the US.

    For some reason the remote system was never offered in the UK. Daft. And the EU version of the i-Kiev is 4 inches narrower and nearly a foot shorter than the US version! Rip-off Britain at its worst. Just as well I managed to find a cheap, low miles, 2011, used one. Love it. And it is really nippy – much quicker than most other cars off the line.

    Our rapid (chademo) charger infrastructure is a bit more advanced than most places (except Japan and… Estonia (!)) so I have done a few fairly long trips 400-450 miles without *too* much drama. The next year is going to see a huge increase in the rapid charger infrastructure as the UK g-ment really start putting its money where its mouth is. The county of Dorset, for example (50 miles wide and high) is getting 20 rapid chargers within the next 10 months.

    Many other counties are also getting the same sort of funding – up to £1m a piece. Interesting times. MW

  133. Sorry, but almost no one who buys an EV cares in the least about MPGe. What they DO care about is range and the i3 is a fail in that category.

    2011 Leaf owner

  134. Any inside info on the (90-100kw?) Quick Charge or rollout of chargers to dealers and other locations?

    Thank you!

  135. I have a Rav4 EV 2014 and need to resolve the millage issue I am having.. I find it very hard to go long distances and cannot take trips with it AT ALL.
    I need A generator / charger SAE J1772 level 2 that I can use when parked in a gastation or in a rest area that I can carry inside the back of the RAV4 EV. That will charge the car in 30 min. Please help me

    • Nick, I just got on this site, so my info may be too late for you. I think we ALL would like to have a generator in the back that could recharge us in 30 minutes. If you find something that can produce 50,000 watts of power at 500V DC I would really like to know about it. The fast chargers I have used that can push that much power are as tall as I am and are connected to a transformer that is about half the size of my Nissan Leaf. Now if Doc Brown (Back to the Future) would release the details for “Mr Fusion”, we might be in business! Please let me know if you find a really powerful generator. Cheers, Larry

    • A level 2 charger would not be able to charge a battery in 30 minutes; I think the type of quick-charging equipment you are looking for is a level 3 charger. The most common ones (that aren’t Tesla superchargers) are either CHAdeMO or SAE CCS; CHAdeMO plugs are used by the Japanese and Korean EV manufacturers, and CCS plugs are used by the German and American manufacturers. Some newer quick chargers have both types of plugs on them to support multiple vehicles. The RAV 4EV was not built with quick-charging in mind, but Tony Williams of QuickChargePower has developed a CHAdeMO retrofit for the RAV 4EV called JdeMO, which adds CHAdeMO support for RAV 4EVs (and soon to Mercedes-Benz B Class Electrics). It’s pricey, but if you need it, you need it!

  136. Will it charge at a specific time? The rates are much cheaper at mid-night where I live and need to schedule it to charge from 12:00 am to 6:00 am.

  137. Tony The Tiger | June 9, 2014 at 7:50 pm |

    JDM version, to be released in 10/2014, will have both 5 and 7 seater options (in addition to the work van 2 seater)!

  138. I am looking for a portable charger that I use when I drive and run low on miles… I do not have time to stop for 3 hours to get a charge! Its ridiculous.. Please help me any one familiar with this..

    • I think what you’re looking for is a PHEV instead of a BEV. Get a different car.

  139. Headlights are UGHLY!

  140. marianleona0217 | June 25, 2014 at 7:00 am |

    I am aware with information regarding the Fiat brand because of this i am a 2o year old user. It’s selling growth in the market is fast as compare to other automotive brand. Really it is a awesome car………

  141. Do we have a date for when the Soul EV will be available at dealers here in the US?

  142. The range extending option also includes thermal insulation that will make the inside of the car more comfortable, in both hot weather and cold – without using the heater or the A/C as much.

  143. Any one know how I could park my Leaf and keep it from going into park? Like to move it sometimes in the home garage without having to turn on the power.

    • I don’t understand. Are you trying to drive your car while it’s plugged in?

    • Hello Wally!
      There is a special procedure to disable the park function, but it is complicated (you need to take out 3 fuses in 2 compartments) and it is meant to be used only when the car is towed. I think you don’t have any other option but to turn on the car 🙂

  144. Dave Thomas | July 21, 2014 at 2:17 pm |

    Is there a reason the PEP EVC station is not on the list?

    • Mostly because we’ve never heard of it. Can you give me a link to it? Most of the google results come up to pages that no longer exist…

  145. Edwin Solares | July 28, 2014 at 9:17 pm |

    Ah, still waiting on this upgrade to be available… 🙁

  146. Rocco Eyerman | July 30, 2014 at 6:33 pm |

    Congrats, We have been waiting for this model for years, we have every option you can imagine with factory parts in stock including Sirius Radio, Rear cameras and the ipod interfaces ready for installs. We have been all over Sprinters, Smarts, and now B and maybe A Class Benz for years. Now we need the passenger vans.

  147. typo adui = audi

  148. Purchasing a new 2014 ALL ELECTRIC car I have found that FORD continues this deceptive practice !!! In California there is no longer a Cool Down Period of three days to return this car and I am stuck with it. My leash is not the 105 miles advertised BUT 76 MILES. BUT ONLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AIR, LIGHTS, PASSENGERS AND DRIVE WELL UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT!!!

  149. I really hope that Nissan sells this EV van here in the US. I think the market for it would be larger than they might imagine. An inexpensive to operate and to maintain vehicle of this size has a lot of possible uses.

  150. Similar to the Fisker Karma, then?

  151. I really hope that they will sell to us too. I have been waiting for this kind of electric van for a while.

  152. Steven Ingham | August 26, 2014 at 3:27 am |

    When can I trade my 04 discovery for a Land Rover EV? A Defender would be perfect!!! Come on Land Rover build an EV for the West coast of the USA.

  153. Steve Thornton | August 29, 2014 at 10:23 pm |

    We would not have even looked at the Fusion Energi if the current 88mpg claim was on the sticker, as we upgrade when we can double our mileage, and our 2010 Prius regulary gets 47-50mpg…which takes the Energi out of consideration…that, plus the method of calculating the (“customer satisfaction program 14B03)check amount is chock full of low numbers…$3.54/g gas…12K miles driven per year…got us to an $850 check…we haven’t seen $3.54 gas in years here in CA, and our annual miles are over 16K…
    Ford says it will make no more adjustments…I wonder if the courts will agree…the whole thing seems fraudulent to me…and Ford sending a check without being sued or prompted indicates to me that they likely feel the same…the car they sold us doesn’t actually exist…isn’t that fraud?…
    On top of all this, I can’t shake the memory of a claim of 108mpg for the Fusion Energi at some time before we purchased. Does anybody else recall, or have any record of such data?
    A couple of verifications is about all I need to talk to an attorney about the class-action lawsuit that seems inevitable now. I don’t like being ‘fooled’…not one bit. And I especially don’t like it when the ‘fooler’ gets to unilaterally decide what the atonement will be.

  154. hi, I live in upstate NY and will be putting a 7.7 PV system on my home mid-October, and would like to buy my first electric car soon after. I have looked closely at this b class and really like it. For me Mercedes means “rich” and so as a teacher, this I am not! So, am I off-based here with this idea?? Other cars are not as well thought out, and this car stands on top of those which I could afford (ie.not Tessla). I would love to enter conversation. Thank you!!

  155. 2013 C-Max Energi electrical problems and more. First glitches in non instrument functions, then guide lines in rearview camera, (parts must be coming from overseas?), then coming out of a meeting started car and as I drove out of a parking spot it felt similar to both front tires being flat. Soon discovered it was occuring only when attempting to accelerate. Very gentle acceleration was not a problem. Drove slowly toward Ford dealer only to have engine light ome on and start flashing. Left car which is going to take three days just to have a mechanic look at it. Sure glad I was not on a trip somewhere. What happened to reliability from American car makers?

  156. So basically people with deep pockets while the rest of us get shit.

  157. Planing to build a sustainable house and want to wire it up for a EV so what outlet is best ? Amps ?

  158. Sunil R. de Silva | September 30, 2014 at 4:03 pm |

    Fantastic EV. Every thing is excellent. EV drive range, series hybrid mode ultra silent cabin and cruising speed are without any competition. But some noise from the rear shock absorbers when going over pot holes makes us a lot uncomfortable. Is the any one who has experienced this.

  159. Curious. This is the kind of vehicle that we need in the US. Nissan will roll this out everywhere BUT THE LARGEST CAR MARKET IN THE WORLD? Wonder why that is?

  160. Sounds to me like Nissan is thinking of the eNV200 as only a commercial vehicle. That’s a big mistake. Market it in the US as a minivan instead, with a stripped version for commercial use.

    Minivans are used in short-hop suburban environments all the time. That’s how I want to use mine. Give it minivan seating, but make the seats removable to provide real hauling capability.

    Also, infrastructure is less of a problem if the range is increased. 200 mile EVs are coming soon, so why not bump the eNV200 up to at least 150 miles? Most people wouldn’t need any more infrastructure than their home charger.

    The smartest thing to do would be to make an additional range option – 80 miles standard, 150 miles optional.

  161. this is great! exactly what i’ve been trying to find for hours. if you have a specialized situations where you’ve figured out what you want, this type of filterable table helps complete the process and get to a decision. thanks!!

  162. olol9870000 | October 20, 2014 at 9:18 am |

    soooooooooo cool

  163. JuiceBox Premium should also be listed, since it provides some potentially valuable features that are not included in the JB (standard).

    Additionally, I think both JB (standard) and JB Premium can be ordered as either hardwired or as plug in.

  164. Attention: The JuiceBox from emotorwerks DOES NOT WORK on a European BMW i3. Neither is that company willing to assist to get it to work. What does not work: their display shows always 120 VAC (standard in the USA) , while we have here the standard 240V. A trimpot should change that: doing so fixes the setting at maximum leaving no room for Ground Fault adjustments, rendering the unit worthless. The JB shuts off as soon as it switches on.

    • Hi Robert, have you contacted them? (I assume yes since your comment says they are unwilling to assist to get it to work). Thanks for posting your experience

  165. Charger for 725$

    Great in cold weather.

  166. Russ Congdon | December 6, 2014 at 1:38 am |

    I agree completely with CTROMLEY….it is a suburban minivan. Perfect for seniors; if seats are removable there is could room for a wheelchair, folding scooter, walker, etc. I want one!

  167. While it is moving in the right direction – It is my opinion that the All Electric Range should be bumped up to 100 Kms or more – 100 miles of the total 300 miles – but the total then could be even grater at ~ 350 miles!

    Most importantly – the ability to Charge it up at home for commuting, and charge it up on public chargers for extra errands as needed, and only use the Hydrogen when making extended trips, or multi-stop tightly scheduled days in city.

    Then – H2 Filling stations needs could be reduced, and placed more between cities, rather than in them!

  168. Has anyone used OpenEVSE 30A Standard Charge Station Combo?

    Curious because of heir disclaimer:

    “This board/kit is intended for use for ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT, DEMONSTRATION, OR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY and is not considered to be a finished end-product fit for general consumer use.”

  169. Hopefully Chevy won’t do what they did with the awesome Volt Concept car and turn it into a frumpy sedan. If they keep it like this, I want one. Real bad.

    On another note, I find it interesting that they didn’t talk about the future of America’s charging infrastructure at all.

  170. 0-62 in 11 seconds? The Spark EV is 7.5 seconds and costs thousands less. The BMW i3 is under 8 seconds, too, as I recall. Though costs a few thousand more, I think. But also has a gas generator. If the Soul EV actually sells for the same price as the Spark EV, then there may be a reason to buy it, given it’s slightly larger size and maybe some other features, but… not feelin’ it. I’d like to be pleasantly surprised, but I won’t even bother if it’s more than $28k USD.

  171. Joshua Olsen | January 29, 2015 at 10:28 pm |

    Typo in article: companies should be company’s

  172. ctromley hit it on the head, market the eNv200 towards the home market, and maybe make one later for commercial use. I’ve really wanted one for a while but finally got tired of waiting and purchased a Leaf, which I’m glad I did if it sounds like Nissan is getting cold feet! I like the Leaf but don’t care for it’s smaller size and minimal storage, the eNv200 would be a much better fit for me. Increase the range to 150-200 miles and all the better, the Leaf’s 60-80 mile range is adequate at best and simply putting the existing drive train in a Nv I’m guessing would only yield a 50-60 mile range, not really enough to be practical for many.
    I’m sure there must be a reason but I really can’t see why mfgs. don’t offer several battery sizes for people to order, smallest for someone trying to keep things the cheapest(like the low end trim models) and larger for people that want more range and can afford it(like higher trim models) sounds simple enough to me…..but then what do I know, I’m just a consumer wanting to purchase something nobody seems to want to sell…..

  173. Jeff Songster | February 10, 2015 at 1:17 am |

    Good luck Mitsubishi… It’s a good little EV… I’ve been considering one since late last year and if the prices keep improving, and bundled features keep increasing, its could be the best deal for a local commuter. With the quick charge feature giving you the chance to take those 1 to 2 charger trips occasionally. If you folks could increase battery density and get 18 to 24 kWh into pack it would be even better. Go to 80-125 miles and give KIA and Nissan a run for their money.

  174. I just drove one last week. It was incredible. Smooth, responsive and most so very easy to drive!

  175. James Haberberger | February 26, 2015 at 8:37 pm |

    I drive a 2013 Nissan LEAF in South Carolina and I am waiting for the E-NV200 to come out for the United States. If Nissan is truly looking at a larger battery pack for the LEAF than the same battery pack would be great for the E-NV200. I would absolutely buy a larger battery pack for my LEAF if it came available.

  176. Steve Hanrahan | March 9, 2015 at 8:55 pm |

    The waiting has taken to long. Finally purchased a used Ford Transit Connect. Come on Nissan. The eNV200 is perfect for a small business person like myself. My business involves a lot of local driving and I can charge the car at home at night. Take a look around at all the Transit Connects that are driving around making local deliveries. How about putting some of the eNV200’s in the hands of small business people here in the U.S.A. as a test.
    I also agree with the above comments about the non-commercial potential of the vehicle. Let some of the soccer moms (and dads) get in the driver’s seat.
    FYI, my other vehicle is a 2012 Mitsubishi I-Miev electric.

    • Yep, we all agree that the e-NV200 would do well in North America. I guess Nissan doesn’t agree, or they have enough orders in Europe that they don’t need to bother with North America until they can handle it (like Mitsubishi with the Outlander PHEV). Did you get a Transit Connect Electric or gasoline?

  177. “looking ahead to compete with Model S”….??? the model S will be in it’s 6th or 7th year by then!?
    oh boy that’s looking ahead….
    Yeah! more EV’s for people who could give a rats butt about gas prices!!! YEAH!!!!

  178. Patrick Tio | April 3, 2015 at 2:54 am |

    The Blink HQ you have listed is Rated for outdoor use. It appears its basically a re-badged/sexier version of the Bosch EL-51253 Power Max

  179. So, this is coming out in 3 or 4 years, yet it’s not competitive with a Tesla Model S TODAY…

  180. Sun Country Highway 40A Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station @ CAD$849.99
    Sun Country Highway 25A Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station @ CAD$599.99

  181. Sun Country Highway = ClipperCreek in Canada.

  182. In that the Fit EVS isn’t offered in Utah this great deal does me no good.

  183. Courtland Goetz | April 17, 2015 at 2:54 pm |

    As a small business owner this is what I’m looking for plus a local runabout for off times. Nissan, you have people nocking at the door with money in hand – COME ON!
    Sell the e NV200 here in the States.

    • I’m in the process of downsizing/selling my Winnebago 2004 Rialta and considered the NV200, but I wanted to go all-electric and was excited to read about it’s use in other countries. It would make for a wonderful urban camper, hauler, etc. that would be so economical!

  184. Sandymikalow | April 22, 2015 at 1:10 am |

    We us the 2012 Leaf we just bought the most by far. It is quiet, comfortable, and we need to pay for it by saving gas. Last month we made our payment (less the added electric cost) by not driving the gas rigs. I really like my free car! I do hope we can do that every month.

  185. Can you convert the Bosch ev charger from being hard wired to being able to plug it in?

  186. Recently purchased a Bosch 16 amp charger for our Volt. Terrible customer service. Get used to being thrown into your assigned specialist’s voicemail. It’s as if the company doesn’t care if you ever buy their products again. If you don’t care that it takes weeks to get in touch with someone to get an installation estimate and then a payment confirmation–and only through your own effort–then go somewhere else. This is the LAST time I will ever buy a Bosch product.

  187. Surprised that the GE DuraStation model EVDSWGH-CP01 doesn’t appear to be listed. Home Depot sells it on the web site for $399 plus tax, free shipping. Its rather crude design using a standard off the shelf plastic electrical box, but it works well. The circuit board has a number of places for items such as ethernet that are not soldered in place, leading me to believe that this is the same basic board used in the GE Industrial DuraStations being marketed for commercial/public use, with a few pieces left off the board and put in the cheapest case possible. It works great!

  188. Questions for David Schurig. What happens when your Spark EV breaks down in Utah? Are you going to flatbed it to CA? Do Utah Chevy dealers know how to work on one? (Will they work on one?)

  189. HI there,

    Can anyone please help me with various:

    1. CAN bus standards implmented in Nissan Leaf EV
    2. SAE standards on OBD II for Nissan Leaf EV
    3. Type of CAN buses on Nissan Leaf EV

    I would be highly grateful to you


  190. Town Garage Mechanic | July 9, 2015 at 9:20 am |

    I have to say I completely agree with Hackenberg – there’s no point in building an electric vehicle if it’s not designed to perform. If you’re going to do it’s best to do it properly.

  191. If it’s anything like the left hand drive 1960 DB4 I had a while should be fantastic!!

  192. Jeff Songster | July 22, 2015 at 6:10 pm |

    This is great news… as this pack should also be backwards compatible with older models. So… If you older battery gets too many cycles or is in an older LEAF that was exposed to too much heat and degraded prematurely… you can swap it to a more heat tolerant, newer model which should last longer and serve you better than the original. This makes the used cars a bargain if you find one that needs a new battery for more than 6k off the typical prices. Happy hunting.

  193. Too little, too late… And too ugly…

  194. The 5 passenger capacity kills it for me. If it had the 7 passenger capacity of the gas version, this would be a must-buy.

  195. Joseph McCloskey | September 11, 2015 at 6:39 pm |

    I just bought a Bosch EL-51253 Power Max 30-amp, 240-v charger. I set up the fuse box and NEMA socket correctly, but how do I wire the 4-conductor USA power connections to the Bosch unit’s 3 terminals? The owner’s manual has no useful info, and trying to contact Bosch directly has been almost as useless. Anyone have any ideas?

    Please help – thanks! – Joe

    • You should have red, black, white and green wires — yes? Green is ground; hopefully it’s obvious which terminal that is. White is neutral, which the EVSE doesn’t need. Red and black are hot; it doesn’t matter which goes where, as long as each goes to a hot terminal.

      But honestly, if I have to tell you this, then maybe you should have an electrician do it.

      Hmm, I just checked the manual, and it has a pretty clear picture, with the terminals labelled “G”, “L1” and “L2”. G is ground, and L1 and L2 are the hot lines.

  196. It won’t be ugly if it brings full design of [Concept S]

  197. Congratulation for tour effort and research on fuel cell developement

  198. je veux une minifourgonnette tesla demain matin

  199. Hey, Does anyone know where I can get a home use Chademo compatible charger that will work in a 200A 250V 50kW fusebox? I am willing to put in 480V but would rather not have to. I am looking to buy a Leaf and would like to get at least 35kW or about 150A assuming 220vAC or 240VAC (We actually get 244VAC). I have called just about everyone who claims to sell Chademo and none will sell to real people only to governments. Seriously, I will not buy an ev if i cannot put 30 k miles in local driving on it I tend to drive 3 17mi (34mi round trip) trips most every day for right around 100 miles a day. So I need to fast charge one charge a day on a dcfc dcqc type level 3 charger. However, in my experience, advertizing a car to be chademo compatible and making actual chargers unobtanium seems to be close to fraudulent if not so outright. No one seems to be able to quote actual prices for one or tell me how to get the ball rolling in Dayton OH or even in Atlanta GA or Frisco . I hope Congress makes the next set of tax rebates only good for beter than 25 kw DC “chargers” purchased with a new or used EV (and excludes AC EVSE as useless).

  200. I am serious enough about getting fast dc charging going to have 3d printed some of the parts for a chademo compatible plug from thingiverse. (I also have a friend with a lathe that only needs hooking up with a phase converter to make 9mm pins for it.) I am also looking for anyone who is working on a public domain chademo project. There seemed to be an open source for the “LEVEL 2” (“EVSE” not a real charger but a smart AC power plug) by Electric Motor Werks dot com. But, the open-source public domain project seems to be unavailable at the moment. EVSE is limited by the internal charger inside the car which in the case of a Leaf gives mo more than 3.6kW or 6-7kW without modding the car depending on the model and year of the car. I have found 1200V three phase 150A diode bridges in the local surplus store for $39.00 each (I would need a beefy heat sink and a fan for the 300W that this should produce.) Further, I suppose, that there is already an industrial power inverter/dc power amplifier chip OTS (Off the shelf) that should do most of the work of smoothing out the ripple with fewest components. My raspberry PI quad core creditcard footprint computer(needing no cooling fan!!)($35.00 sans(WITHOUT): case/memory required for the os/ OS freeware or buy $8 on microSD/5VmicroUSB2APowerSupply/keyboard/rodent nor anythingelse from MCM electronics)has Wolfram & Mathmatica built in to the Raspian OS. I suspect that the pi would make a great multi canbus computer for communicating with PowerSupply, car and evse and anything else requiring controlling. IT seem very doable. But a LIVE 320v DC or 395VDC powersource (The battery–WHICH CANNOT BE PRACTICALLY DISCHARGED TO MAKE IT SAFE– and the charger — WHICH MAU HAVE SIMILAR STORAGE OF DANGEROUS AMOUNTS OF POWER EVEN WHEN TURNED OFF–) is a very dangerous thing to open up, play with, or experiement on!!!!! Touching it even for a second could turn you into a fried human! Think of the 85 kw motor the Nissan leaf runs from it. 85 kw seconds would mean instant death CHARRED perhaps exploding remains if touching uninsulated placid looking metal even for an instant! and that is the whole reason for all the safeguards in the standard. This means that the battery is capable of more current than my fusebox can put out. It reminds me of pulling the orange glowing glass diode out of a diode bridge supposing it to be behaving like an LED: BOY WAS I WRONG! It was glowing from the heat of ORANGE HOT 1/4 GRAMS ALMOST MOLTEN GLASS. CHARRED FINGER AND THUMB JUST FROM THE HEAT and no dammage on my breadboard and I fortunately was not grounded. (A 35 year old memory I had forgotten til just now!) Anyway Anyone working on this project Please be careful! NO PURPLE HEARTS! ( Anyway that means DON’T Do anything BRAVE and FOOLISH and get hurt or killed! It is not worth it for an instant of missed or failed precaution!) Should be perfectly safe in an insulated envirnoment with fuses and GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interupt) on both ends as Insulation and GFCI (AKA: GFI) are familiar well tested technologies.

    OH WELL, I hope to see fast dc chargers available to owners soon.
    please help me find sources of chargers that will take whatever vend of power (chademo,level2, tesla,SAE stove dryer campground plugand convert it to quick charging in my EV,( When I buy one that I can charge fast! No I do wish to buy a car that will not pay for itself in gas saved, nor do I want, a tesla!).

    sincerely, Glenn

    • eMotorWerks is indeed the place to get the parts you’d need to assemble a home CHAdeMO system, although it sounds like you were looking at the wrong items. They don’t sell it as a complete system, and it will cost you about $4000. (I’ve also seen complete home CHAdeMO systems available for about the same price, but only in Japan.) Basically, from this page, you’d want one of the chargers (first three items), plus the charge controller and the plug (next two items).

      Meanwhile, a level 2 EVSE is far from useless. Depending on how much time you have to spare between those three trips, it could be handled with level 2. Also, the lack of home CHAdeMO doesn’t make it s fraudulent feature — it’s just not really meant for charging at home. But there are (depending on your location) plenty of public CHAdeMO stations that you can use. Check PlugShare to find them.

  201. Alex Paniutin | October 27, 2015 at 4:36 am |

    “Currently, the Nissan Leaf comes with a 24 kWh battery pack. Later this year, however, when the 2016 model year starts selling, Nissan will be offering a higher grade package that comes with a 30 kWh batter pack – that’s a 30% increase!”
    Please correct it. not 30% but 25.
    30 – 24 = 6 (kW) increased.
    6/24 = 1/4 -> 25%.

    if you comare to 30 kW battery it will be 20%. 6/30 = 1/5

  202. I have a Juicebox green on the way:

    Same as the JB pro (40A, wifi), but controls charging to charge when power is “greener” depending on your location and the time of day (night).

    Plugs into a 14-50 outlet, so it’s portable. RV places offer these outlets.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    You may want to add it to the list.

    • Thanks! Yes, keep us posted. How does the EVSE know what times of day are greener? Is that something the user has to configure?

  203. Ebusbar 16 amp works like a charm with a Nema 10/30 dedicated dryer outlet with a 10 guage extention cord. No problems what so ever.

  204. Kevin T Nelson | February 3, 2016 at 2:36 am |

    Why do none of these companies offer anything longer than 25ft cords? Some of us live in townhouses and have to park in the street, 50ft cords do not seem unreasonable. I would gladly pay for the additional length.

  205. Sheldon Cheney | February 11, 2016 at 6:12 am |

    It will be on sale in 2014. No, it will be delayed until 2015. Late 2015. No, it will go on sale first quarter of 2016. No, in April. No, in May. No, in August. Why should I now believe the August date? Or, should I just get in line for a Tesla X? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me how many times? Why can’t Mitsubishi set a date and stick with it? Tesla developed and marketed the X in less time than it took Mitsubishi to decide when to sell us a car they already make. I really wanted this Outlander a couple of years ago. I even inspected one in Germany in 2014. I’m now to the point I don’t care whether they ever put it on the market here. Tesla is a stretch, but, is looking more and more like what I will buy. If Mitsubishi hopes to gain market share in the U. S., this is not the way to do it.

    • What about the BMW X5, or Volvo xc90, or Audi Q7? There are plug-in hybrid SUVs available right now. Granted, they probably all cost more than the Outlander PHEV would, and paying that much would be close to Tesla X territory…

  206. Julie Tilney-Varden | February 11, 2016 at 6:51 pm |

    Do we know how much the PHEV will cost?

    • Nope, not yet. Likely Mitsubishi will reveal pricing with the Outlander PHEV’s U.S. premier at the New York Auto Show in late March.

  207. It’s great to see all these next-gen EVs approaching 200-mile range, and it’s sure to drive greater adoption. Although it does rather devalue the cars of us early adopters. 🙂 And it kind of makes me wonder: Should I wait for the next generation after that, that will have 400-mile range? Or what?

    Ah well. I guess it’s like buying a computer used to be — you know it’ll be obsolete soon, and it’ll have little resale value, but you still need it now.

    • Plus when most people have 400 mile EVs there will be less lineups at the charging stations you’d need to make it that same 400 miles 🙂

  208. Does the PHEV retain the 3rd row seat?

    • Unfortunately no, at least not in the current generation Outlander PHEV that’s available in Europe

  209. What does it sell for in Europe? Is that a guide to the US price?

  210. If this conclusion is correct, the math’s a lot simpler than suggested here. Look at it another way — GM’s targeting a final price to the consumer of about US$30k, which is where they figure they’ll get enough demand to make the enterprise viable. The Canadians are foolish enough to offer a 30% rebate up to CA$14k, letting GM put a lot more into their pocket than they can with the U.S.’s less generous $7500 tax credit cap.

    This is either a good example of how subsidies can do as much to raise prices as raise demand, or a strong indication that GM may be losing their shirts selling US$38k Bolts. Neither story is a good one.

  211. While I share Sheldon’s frustration, the admin’s replies underscore the reality of the situation – it’s not like this CU/PHEV is facing any real competition. The currently available S/CU/PHEVs are an easy $10k above any likely Outlander PHEV price, and GM has inexplicably declined to put their Voltec drivetrain in anything large enough to carry the batteries without compromising passenger and/or cargo space (e.g., the never-delivered Volt MPV5 concept car). Kia’s Niro PHEV could wind up beating the Outlander on price, but it’s considerably smaller and won’t be out this year; by the time it is, Mitsu will likely have the Outlander Sport PHEV ready to face it directly.

    Mitsubishi’s been either ridiculously lucky in the lackadaisical attitude of supposed competitors or getting some kind of financial incentive from somewhere (e.g., GM) to take their time bringing the Outlander PHEV to the U.S. I honestly don’t know which is more likely.

  212. I’ve heard this charging claim elsewhere, and it still doesn’t make sense. Replenishing a 16kWh battery from a 6.6kW charger is going to take at least 2.5 hours. One could argue that’s “about” two hours – but it’s closer to “about” three.

  213. Ykutiel Hoffman | February 28, 2016 at 12:29 pm |

    Need a portable charger for Renault Fluence 220volt in Israel.

  214. Well lets assume common sense will prevail within VW and they fit minimum 32amp chargers and do away with 16 amp.
    But then we are taking about VW – so…….

  215. Peter Miller (CST) | February 29, 2016 at 2:46 am |

    OK so that’s a little too rich for me. My SL Leaf cost me $41,000. But I now realize I need more range for my day-to-day business trips.
    When will be able to order the 2017 Leaf – and how much will that really cost in Canada?

  216. I was about to purchase used e-Golf but maybe I should stick with my 2012 Sonata Hybrid until Ioniq gets out. Anyway its hard decision and I am torn because I like e-Golf

  217. Dear All

    I have a questions

    I have 2 electric car now

    I already modified Schneider EV230WS with 2 cords out

    My scenario will be like this

    I pulled 2 120V 50 AMP
    I saw this charger has 60 AMP Fuse and relay of 40 AM
    I want both car plug after work but wont charge at the same time

    1. First car will be charge from 10 PM to 1 AM
    2. Second car will be charge from 2 AM – 6 AM

    Some how the sensor always trip faulty after I connected the second car.

    But if I only connect one car, is fine

    I believe “Pilot” line is giving error message

    Any help? I called Schneider already but they can not help

    I want to deceive this Pilot line

    thank you

  218. John T Cherwin | March 29, 2016 at 9:57 pm |

    Hello, I am a new member, and have a question about a charger I found.
    It is an : Ebusbar BEV-H02A10
    EV Charger, Level 2, 240 volt.
    Has anyone had any experience with this charging unit and is it appropriate for my 2015 Leaf.
    Thank you for any information you might provide.

    • Hi John, yes that EVSE will work for your LEAF. I haven’t personally had any experience with it

      Check out this thread on the Nissan Leaf forum that asked the same question:

    • Yes I have one and I’ve been using it about 6 months on both a ’12 Leaf(3.6kw charger) and ’13 Leaf(6.6kw charger) and it works great. Note since this is a 3.8kw EVSE it basically puts out the same with either vehicle(draws about 15a on either vehicle at 120v or 208/240v). It’s a nice light portable EVSE and with an adapter plug works well on 120v(albeit 15a so only use on a 20a circuit). The cord is a little short for my liking(17′) but it is what it is. Note personally I cut off the somewhat oddball 10-30 plug and installed a L6-30p which works better for adapter cables to allow you to plug into various outlets but thats your call. If you only plan on using it in one place then just install a 10-30 outlet and be done with it. Note it’s NOT UL listed if that matters to you.

  219. How is it obsolete if it saves you money everyday for the life of the vehicle. Envy and obsolescence are two very different things.

  220. P Schager | April 3, 2016 at 8:24 am |

    It sounds to me there’s some forgetting about currency conversion going on here. At this writing $46000 Canadian is about $35K USD, close to what GM is advertising the car will be in the US. Also, $14000 Canadian is about $11K USD, which by the way is close to the US federal plus state incentives in progressive states.

  221. At that price point, it will more than likely be eligible for the full $14,000 rebate from the Ontario Government. Maybe 13K, not sure about the battery size.

  222. To little to late

  223. ferris hall | April 13, 2016 at 7:44 pm |

    It would be helpful if you informed people which EVSE’s are UL listed, and which are not.
    Their insurance company will certainly be asking that question if the EVSE catches on fire and was not….

  224. Maybe GM doesn’t need to reserve a spot, but I’m plenty OK with dropping $1,000 for a spot in line for the Tesla. I don’t see where GM is even going to compete here. The Tesla will most likely have much better fit and finish ont he vehicle than anything GM can produce. The Volt was a good transitionary vehicle for people dabbling into the EV area, but I don’t see anyone in a Volt taking on a Bolt as their next car. With the model 3 also having a $35,000 starting tag and the Bolt being much more than that… It’s a no brainer.

  225. Steve Mair | April 27, 2016 at 4:23 pm |

    At least with the Tesla model 3, The cars are not going to be “compliance” cars like the 2016 Volt. I waited and waited for the “new” volt only to find I wasn’t one of the anointed ones that lives in California or the northeastern CARB states. Now that I can finally order a Volt, the new Bolt is announced and will (at least initially) be another GM compliance car. Maybe the model 3 that I reserved will be here by the time the Bolt trickles down to the second class citizens in the rest of the “United” States. Just think how many trucks and SUV’s GM can sell on the Bolt credits until then. If that’s GM’s marketing plan—good luck with it.

  226. charles mackay | May 1, 2016 at 8:18 pm |

    I have acquired a 2016 audi A3 sportback e-tron. I am trying to learn how to get a set up to charge the battery. Electrician assures me that I have sufficient power in my electric panel. I want to have an appropriate plug located in my garage. I am trying to find out whether post-market charging apparatuses are compatible with the Audi charger. The cable length of the Audi charger is pretty short. What if I get a non-audi or non-bosch unit? Does that affect the warranty?

  227. yuval Brandstetter MD | May 4, 2016 at 6:07 am |

    Taking a stab at Tesla does not make sense because Tesla has created the Viable Electric Car (as opposed to my ZE Fluence which is limited to a 35 mile radius) Tesla has its own way which includes the fact that many many of the early Teslas model S need major downtime for manufacturing flaws right where it matteers, the drive train. Tesla has no other product. GM could have stayed with what makes money right now, burning cheap gasoline, but did not. It is investing big time in a Viable Electric Vehicle at a sane price. Chevy is represented world-wide whereas Tesla is limited to certain countries. So let’s give GM the nod for enterprise and if the Bolt is availeable in Israel i will go for it.

    • GM could have made a viable electric car near 30 years ago without lithium batteries but killed it likely due to pressure by big oil.
      Due to the size of GM they could produce a viable electric car cheaper then anyone and dominate the market.Maybe even bring out some advanced battery tech they are hiding that makes lithium batteries look like lead acid batteries.
      Maybe that is the plan….Let Tesla spend billions on their giga factory then GM releases a sweet ev that Tesla can’t compete with leading to bankruptcy and GM buying up the giga factory for pennies on the dollar.Look what happened to A123 systems.
      A lithium battery manufacturer in the US goes bankrupt…how was that even possible.

  228. Nick Ajang | May 10, 2016 at 4:21 am |

    That is great I am here in california when will the i3 be available to buy here ? Will the car be available in all white a color only? or does it have to be 2 tone!! I want it all white it will look bigger and better

  229. plz help me find the best and cheaper level 2 chrger for in home charging for 2016 bmw I3 and wut is the best amp to choose

  230. Paul Andrew | May 30, 2016 at 6:34 pm |


  231. You are missing the Bock Power EV Charger Listed for $479

  232. “Currently, the e-Golf is priced at $29,500 in the USA. That would put it about $8000 less than the Chevrolet Bolt.”

    Who writes this dribble, some millennial moron?

    The 2016 e-Golf $29,500) has an 83-mile range with a 3.6kW OBD. The Chevy Bolt ($37,500) will have twice the range and both 7.2kW and DCC on-board.

    You an bet the 186-mile EV range e-Golf will be as much as both the Chevy Bolt and the Tesla 3.

    • Ha, thanks!

      Actually, that was the point of the comment. The e-Golf can only be competitive if it’s less than the Bolt, since the revamped e-Golf will have less range and possibly no DCC. If Volkswagen can keep the price the same, or only slightly more, it will come in a few thousand cheaper than the Chevy Bolt and may give it a competitive edge.

      And no, sorry, I’m not a millennial; moron status is up for debate!

  233. It doesn’t make sense to wait. Bolt will be out within a few months. If Nissan is talking “viable for production in 2018” then I expect to have 30,000 miles on my Bolt before the new Leaf or the Tesla 3 become reasonably available.

  234. John Kern | July 3, 2016 at 5:02 am |

    VW should make these available at a discount to the TDI owners who have to fix or turn in their diesel models. At least in many states, these cars are much easier on the environment (depending on how much of the local electricity is from renewable sources).

  235. allsmiles277 | July 10, 2016 at 9:11 am |

    I was wondering why you don’t list more of the EVI chargers that are available from the EV Institute. My I-MiEV came with an EVI evse. I have had very good service from this evse. I get a full charge in about 9-10 hours with this Level 1 evse. I am planning to purchase a Level 2 evse in the near future that will hopefully bring my charging time down to 3-4 hours or less.

  236. Justin Knox | July 11, 2016 at 2:27 pm |

    Thank you for the help. I just bought some new tires and want to make them last as long as possible. I know that alignment contributes a lot, as you mentioned. How can I best tell when the tire alignment is off?

  237. The Leviton EVBL2-P12 is listed on your site as being 30a, it’s only 20a(5kw).

  238. After VW criminal management’s long-term diesel-poisoning people to make money, I’ll be happy with the Chevy Bolt. TDI owners are getting compensated already. I stayed away from diesels, because I knew they weren’t “clean” diesels. Before the VW scandal, many people, myself included, already knew that the Prius was nearly 10 times cleaner than diesels. Now, after the scandal, it is shocking to know that one diesel puts out the pollution of 400 Prius cars. TDI owners pretended they had “clean” diesels & derided people who knew they weren’t “clean” diesels.

  239. John Kern | July 3, 2016…these cars are much easier on the environment (depending on how much of the local electricity is from renewable sources). ////// Most coal-fired powerplants are NOT in-city, so electric cars are greatly superior to diesels & gasoline engines(ICE), in-city. With the great electric motor efficiency over ICE, even EVs powered by coal are pollution-superior to ICE.

  240. This turns out to have been such a crock. Ford has fallen nearly completely out of the EV business despite their talk about “electrification”. Shame!

  241. For Canadian shoppers I thought I would mention the EV Duty line of made in Canada EVSEs.

    I just purchased a 2016 Leaf and agonized over which EVSE to buy. After a great deal of research I opted to buy an EV Duty EVC30T made by Elmec. At C$729 (C$739 with NEMA 6-50 plug) it was well priced. It is a basic 30 Amp unit and very solid. The plug in version that I purchased is sold as portable and truly is. The wall mount allows for easy removal and a lock mount gives it some measure of security while mounted. It includes a 25 foot charging cord. The unit is very sturdy and rugged feeling. I expect it to last forever.

    These EVSEs are made in Quebec and ship free. Mine shipped the same day and arrived in less than a week. The fact that they only charge an extra $10 for the plug in model versus the hard wired model made me warm and fuzzy about the company and made me think they weren`t trying to gouge me. The warranty is 3 years. I live in Vancouver so temperature extremes are not an issue but the unit is designed to work in very cold Canadian winter conditions. The cords are made from a material that is flexible in very cold temperatures.

    I have written this post because many EVSE round ups miss this line of EVSEs and they are first rate and well priced. I love mine.

  242. alas it looks like it was all foolish smoke and mirrors. the 2017 model year has the same range as the 2016 model year. MAYBE the 2018 model year will be available in the fall of 2017 and have this longer range. maybe.

    in the mean time, it’s possible that current shoppers will be hesitant to buy something they know will be superseded with a clearly superior version, of the same car, at the same price, within 12 months.

    i realize VW was hoping to convince some BOLT buyers to wait for the 2018 eGolf, but it seems like a dangerous gambit.

  243. Archie Phillips | August 1, 2016 at 5:53 pm |

    When we were in Northern Europe recently, we saw block long charging stations with every conceivable brand of mid-size autos, ie, Tesla, VW, Renault, Peugeot, BMW, etc. What is the plug-in standard they were using? Why are not all these EVs for sale here in America?

  244. Andre Albero | August 4, 2016 at 5:42 pm |

    Associating Tesla with good fit and finish is extremely funny. Go ahead and pay $100K to have the “F&F” of an entry level Nissan.
    I just love when things become a religion, and blindness becomes a blessing.
    But I agree that GM does not need my $1k, only few million$ from all of us to have a “balance sheet in good shape”. Give me a break.

  245. GM is not even trying. After 5 years the new Volt only get a 3.6KWh on board charger. Everyone else are moving to 6.6KWh or better chargers. And the stupid one LED charging indicator, can’t they just add couple more. And just to confuse other EV drivers the LED status is backwards than the old Volt. Blinking means charging and solid is done charging, old Volt is the other way around. Really GM, try a bit harder in the actually engineering and usability.
    I drive a 2013 Leaf for now. I will either wait for a Tesla Model 3 or pony up for a base Model S. Not going to ever be a GM customer, nor VW either.

  246. No one has the charging network like Tesla. I have a 2013 Leaf and I can’t make it from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. I had to rent a gas car. The short range of the Leaf reflects it’s price, that’s fine. I am willing to stop more often to do quick charge on a trip out of town. But just couple month a ago trying to plan a trip from SF to Santa Barbara is impossible. There just isn’t enough charging station string along Highway 101 to make the trip happen. That made me realize how important having a charging network is. None of the old auto manufacture are going to put together a decent charging network, they want us to continue to buy their fossil burning cars. Only Tesla is different as they are not chain down by legacy. I am going for a Model 3 later or if can’t wait that long then get a base Model S.
    The non-Tesla charging infrastructure in Calofornia is just shamefully inadequate compare to Oregon or Some EU countries. The auto makers wanting to sell more EVs should really put in more effort developing a charging infrastructure as making cars. Not just counting on government to pave the electric highway. If Nissan, GM, BMW, Volkswagon etc all chip in they can build just as good of fast charging network as Tesla, but that’s not going to happen isn’t it.

    • ROFL If you think the charging infrastructure is bad in California take a look at Ohio and Indiana.

  247. Amazon has a portable L2 EVSE, brand KHONOS which does 32a, 16a and 10a at 120v-240v. It has a 18.5 foot cord and looks to be a pretty versatile EVSE at $556 shipped, it even has a nice little LCD, oh and a 10-50 range plug, no reviews as of yet and my guess is it’s not UL listed but this is only a guess.

  248. I have a 2013 Leaf and a had a GE WallMount Durastation for over a year. Works great, but the plug got damaged and I had to replace it. GE Industrial Solutions sent a WattStation as a warranty replacement. I read on one of these blogs (back in 2013) that the GE WattStation is not good for the Leaf and can cause damage to the car’s internal charger. Does anyone have a WattStation for their Leaf? Is this still true or has the technology improved to avoid this problem between the Leaf and WattStation?

  249. The Focus Electric was a very good car, but 100 mile range in 2017 is too little too late. It is obsolescent the day it hits the showrooms

  250. Why would I or anyone else EVER want to buy another Leaf. They burn up their packs via air cooling in stead of regulating temps via liquid. Why do they think their battery burners are ok? According to their head honcho, they told us, “even our bodiess are air cooled”. Obviously this poor soul doesn’t know what “SWEAT” is for, nor has he ever shed any, thinking over what a disaster their battery burners are. Our original 2011 – (VIN below 000700) nearing 65k miles now BARELY gets 50 miles range & I have to baby it like granny to do that.

  251. Is this a Prius?.
    Secondly. A ‘play’ on battery memory fable is badly used here. There is no such thing.

  252. If I was the person in the previous comment, I’d be very happy. A simple adapter would give you access to Tesla Charge Points. A little thought would help.
    On the subject of Charge Points. Consider if you will Australia’s reluctance to anything other than tax furnishing oil based fuel. New South Wales has to be as advanced as Madagascar when it comes to absolutely any Charge Point infrastructure. For such an immense area of land, it is abysmal when it comes to EV acceptance.

  253. Question: In case of plug-in charger, is it okay to leave the charger plugged in, or better to unplug after every use?
    The one I have is Ebusbar BEV-H02A10.

    • I leave my Ebusbar plugged in all the time and it only takes a few watts. Personally, wouldn’t worry about it but I suppose if you had an electrical storm or such it could possibly be damaged by a high voltage spike(like basically everything else plugged in during such an event).

  254. Our FIAT 500e lease will end Mid 2017 and we will not be purchasing it. While I would like to get a TESLA Model 3 next, they just won’t be available, especially at the lowest projected price point, so we plan on leasing or purchasing a BOLT, the decision depending on the cost of lease vs loan. Like WOZ, we might actually prefer the BOLT! Our other car is a 2010 HONDA ICE Accord 4 dr and I think we’ll keep it for longer trips in CA, and beyond. As early EV adaptor we need to be flexible while the technology evolves. Everything good takes time.

  255. Do you have more info about the 2 trim levels, the LT and the Premier ?

  256. Wonderful car! In Germany, we all wait for the price for the Opel Ampera E. Here is a big discussion about the AC-Charger. We have a lot of AC charging points with 22kW. At home a lot of people are not able to use 32A. So if you have to use 16A and you have only a 1-phase-charger on board you need 18h to fill the battery and on tour you can not use the capacity of the 22kw charging points, so charging needs much more time and makes the kWh very expensive because often you have to pay the charging time. So without 3-phase-AC-charger on bord the car is dead before it comes to the dealer.

  257. Stuart Sugden | October 6, 2016 at 3:40 am |

    On the charging issue (or one of them) I live in Berkeley. Within a 12 mile range there are just 4 fast charging stations where I can fast charge in 20-30 minutes. (I have a Kia Soul which I love) There are THREE at three different Whole Foods and one at Emeryville Marktplace. While I am grateful that they are available it is rather pathetic that there is not more support from the State of California or City governments for fast charges. I know not of a single one in the area. If we want more people to drive electric does it not make sense to have more charging stations that can charge really quickly? Whole Foods should not really be the leader in this though I appreciate their contribution.

  258. Rick Zoller | October 10, 2016 at 5:27 am |

    I have a blink level 2 wall mounted charger with a damaged charger handle. One of the prongs in the handle has lost the plastic insulation surrounding it. How do I have this repaired or replaced?

  259. I hope it will come soon in the Philippines.

  260. Braden Bills | October 26, 2016 at 1:30 pm |

    I want to make sure that I make my new tires last. I didn’t realize that air pressure was so important! It’s no wonder my last tires died so fast. I’ll make sure I keep that in mind this time!

  261. Patience, everybody! We get what we pay for: I bought a 2014 Leaf S with the Fast Charge option, and love it. I paid far less than I would have for a Bolt or Tesla, and the Leaf works great for 98% of our needs (we have a Tiguan for the other 2%, or when the wife and I need to be in different places at the same time).
    An emerging technology takes time. Unless you really need 200+ miles range, I would jump on one of the just-off-lease EVs starting to flood the marketplace at give-away prices!

  262. John Kern: I agree. I bought a 2013 Jetta TDI, and love the car. I will, however, be selling it back to VW: I bargained for a “clean” car, and didn’t get it, though the car is stellar in every other way.
    I would have gladly traded it in for an eGolf, but Jetta is playing the same tired game as most car manufacturers: compliance car only. I live in Utah and you cannot get an electric VW here, nor will you be able to for the foreseeable future. My choices here were between the Smart ED, a BMW I3 (which I cannot afford), or a Tesla (which I also cannot afford). Guess what? 2014 Leaf! I love the car: I bought it off-lease with 21k miles on it, 12 bars, and in like new condition, for $11,250. THAT I can afford!

  263. The 80 mile class EV is obsolete. Too little too late

    • I think the next-gen Zoe was supposed to get a range boost, but of course I can’t find that data now…

  264. Ron Connor-Hodges | December 1, 2016 at 5:14 am |

    I noticed that the Go-Cable is not listed

  265. As later clarified, those are build dates. One of the ones being built next week is mine!

  266. Excellent resource!
    I don’t see the Elmec EVduty EVC30T-05 which Nissan Canada were giving a rebate for Nov 2016

  267. Electric Bill | January 13, 2017 at 1:18 am |

    So gratifying to see the Bolt win such honors. GM has to some degree, redeemed itself after the EV1 scandal. Now, if they will only produce them in quantity as Tesla does, rather than just marketing them in dribs and drabs. Open the floodgates, fellas! Advertise your award winner in your ad spots right alongside your pollutionmobiles!

  268. Adrian Russell-Falla | January 20, 2017 at 10:45 pm |

    GM will not do that, because it doesn’t know how to survive in the EV-only global car marketplace that’s about to dawn. its management cannot adopt any strategy other than trying to stall the inevitable.

  269. Michael Cerkowski | February 7, 2017 at 7:18 am |

    Is this Spring launch for the EV going to be California only, Ca and the other CARB states, or what…?

    • Not sure. Hyundai said (just yesterday) that U.S. sales of the Ioniq Hybrid and EV start next week, and specifically said Hyundai will take a “soft-launch” approach with the IONIQ Electric, with bigger marketing and more widespread distribution to get underway in March.

  270. Michael Cerkowski | February 7, 2017 at 7:22 am |

    The “Release Date: late 2016” is looking pretty silly. You may want to fix that. Of course, we still have no idea if it will be “late 2017” or “Sometime in 2018, hopefully.”

  271. Robert Simon | February 15, 2017 at 1:56 am |

    Hi Craig
    I agree that a used Leaf is a great deal. I live in Canada and picked up a 2013 Leaf SV two years ago, also off lease. Buying a used Leaf is a great deal as you get the rebates whn it6w as new priced in, plus a significant discount on depreciation and for a 2 year old car, an almost brand new car still under warranty.

  272. Aaron Peython | February 19, 2017 at 9:21 am |


  273. Marylander here, just bought a Leaf lease turn in, my first EV and my only vehicle, and I live in a townhouse w/out a garage. I got a 2015, 14,000 miles on it, has a quick charge port- for under $10,000. At first I was a bit panicked about charging and range, but – there are chargers at my office, a quick chargers at a gas station and the organic market (Mom’s) where I shop anyway- I think I can do this without having to put in a level 2 charger at home for a while.
    I don’t expect my Leaf to last more than a few years or so but I am THRILLED to opt out of supporting the environmentally disasterous and politically offensive fossil fuel industry.

  274. Michael Cerkowski | February 26, 2017 at 5:07 am |

    I don’t suppose that VW has finally figured out that most EV drivers need a heated steering wheel?

  275. I’m not sure why but the Ebusbar seems to have been discontinued, Amazon has been saying it’s no longer available(not just out of stock) for several months now. Too bad as it was a decent 16a L1/L2 EVSE, I still use mine almost daily.
    Not sure what your policy on discontinued products is, that is whether you want them to be still listed or not, just bringing this to your attention.
    Also Juicebox seems to have revamped it’s lineup a couple of months ago, you show their old line. Functionally they are probably quite similar but their case is now dark in color and don’t look so “homemade” like their previous aluminum enclosures.

  276. Jim Bradbury | March 14, 2017 at 9:11 pm |

    I just received this response (14 Mar 17) from Hyundai Consumer Affairs as a result of my inquiry about the Ionic EV.

    “We regret to inform you that the Ioniq Electric was due to be released this Spring to Southern California residents only. This decisions is due to the availability of public charging stations. We do anticipate the expansion of the Ioniq Electric region once public charging stations become more widely available. At this time, our website does allow for the Build and Price tool to be utilized on the 2017 Ioniq Hybrid, which is available in your area. We apologize for any dissatisfaction this may cause you.”

    My question to Hyundai is, “Why do 600 public charging stations in my DFW area constitute
    a “non-availability of public charging stations”?

    • Hi Jim thanks for sharing – yes that is disappointing news. They never hinted at a staged rollout in any of their press releases, and for some reason I never assumed they would. To tie it to the lack of charging stations is silly, at least they could tie it to lack of battery supply or the need to slowly ramp up production to limit defects etc.

    • Wow, that’s absurd. By that standard, it’ll be years.

      Hey Hyundai, why don’t you let us worry about that? Most of us will be charging mostly at home, anyway, regardless of public infrastructure.

  277. Where are the Bolt and its components built?

  278. Hello sirs,
    I’ve never seen a EV online forum this massive!
    Is it the first page ever made?

  279. Robert Ingert | March 29, 2017 at 4:56 pm |

    Can a person recharge e/Golf directly through the DC port (directly under the AC input)
    first question….IOW’s can I feed the main batteries DC current DIRECTLY from a 200 watt array of two 120 Watt PV solar panels? If not what’s the minimum amps to wake up the (slow) charge?
    second question…. Would a 200 amp hour 12 Volt battery extend the car’s range plugged into the 12V outlet located to the right of rear door? If not, why not?
    third question… Does VW have plans to market larger capacity, faster charging, REPLACEMENT batteries, sometime in the future? (otherwise, current models will become almost worthless in a few years)
    fourth question.. Will VW market an all wheel drive e.Golf or hybrid as sold in Germany? MayI buy one in Canada?

    Love my Age 82 I’ve owned a VW (or Porche) continuously since 1954. (seven vw’s including two TDI’s, a Mico Bus, 1957 Speedster and 1954 Porche Coup)
    Thanks, Robert Inget, Ashland Oregon

  280. Robert Ingert | March 30, 2017 at 12:23 am |

    One more: How difficult would it be to DRAW DC current from the vehicle? A battery this size would be a godsend in a power outage. All a person would need, a proper sinewave inverter and a #10 extension cord. It’s frustrating during a daytime power outage, all that energy inaccessible just like my 8-KW grid-tie solar array. Once the grid goes away so does a person’s power. BTW , older batteries can be rebuilt for home use al la “Power-Wall”.

    Oh, a person can hook-up any used solar panels to the LOWER water heater element after disconnecting AC from lower thermostat. Works on the coldest, even cloudy days preheating icy cold water.
    Water heaters don’t know the difference between AC and DC .

  281. I drive a Model S and decided to go solar three months ago. I worked with Johanna from Pick My Solar and she helped me through the entire process and made sure I got a large enough system for my car. All in all a really positive experience , didn’t feel like I was getting sold to. Check them out!

  282. Tony Savarese | April 14, 2017 at 10:52 pm |

    Your comparison of charging stations does not include voltage.

  283. Increased range, 50 kW CCS DC fast charging, plus my discount as a Ford retiree suits me fine–I ordered one yesterday.

  284. I think what Tony might be getting at is that some L2 EVSEs also work on 120v, making them perfect for carrying just one portable EVSE. I don’t like to carry 2 EVSEs(the OEM one and my portable L2) so it was important to me that my portable L2 also charged at 120v, and had the ability to limit the current to say 12a or 16a. Many of the cheaper portable Chinese EVSEs work on voltages from ~110-240v and some have adjustable output currents. The cheapest Duosida 16a L2 EVSEs work on both 120v and 240v but are a fixed 16a on both voltages. 16a is OK for a 20a circuit but will blow a 15a breaker. I agree a voltage column might be nice although not all L2 mfgs. list if they work on 120v, even though they might. Other mfgs. like Clipper Creek L2 are ONLY 208-240v.

  285. MD_going green | April 22, 2017 at 5:31 pm |


    We bought Chevy bolt 2017 last month, looking for Level 2 charger. I will appreciate your advice, which brand to use and where to buy it? We live in Ontario. We only receive rebate if we buy the charger from a Canadian company. Thank you

  286. I have 1500 miles on my Bolt LT and simply love the car!! I picked it up on the other (west) coast of Florida. I had 168 miles to travel back to my home. By the time the papers were all signed they had charged it to a 189 mile estimated range.
    My trip back was all highway (I did 65 being somewhat conservative as to range)and when I got home the meter said that I still had 34 miles left!! Very satisfied!

  287. A thread talking about the “Canadian made” EVDuty with links to the company.

  288. Retired from Ford and living in southeastern Michigan, I committed myself to buying someone’s affordable BEV this year. I had fallen in love with this all-purpose platform from Hyundai, but my first two online contacts with my nearest dealership went unanswered. I telephoned another who said his boss told him that Michigan state law prevented them from selling the Hyundai Electric. Another nearby dealership representative told me that public charging stations in Michigan were not compatible with the Hyundai. Then this from HyundaiUSA: “We are thrilled to learn of your interest in the new Ioniq Electric, and we are pleased to address your inquiries regarding it’s release date and locations. The Ioniq Electric is scheduled for a Spring of 2017 release, however, the specific date has not yet been announced. At this time, the only confirmed release location for the Ioniq Electric is California, though specific dealerships that will stock the Ioniq Electric have not yet been specified. We highly recommend registering your e-mail at the Ioniq webpage on the Hyundai USA website listed below to receive automatic updates on the release date and location. Additionally, we recommend that you continue communication with your preferred authorized Hyundai dealership for information on future vehicle release dates.”

    I ordered the Focus Electric a week and a half ago.

  289. Peter Harnoc | July 14, 2017 at 1:16 am |


  290. David Davis | July 15, 2017 at 1:54 am |

    I have worked for a Ford dealership for years. My commute to work is 55 miles each way. I am tired of stopping every 3 days to fill my tank and I’m tired of the expense for the fuel. Working for Ford I will only own a Ford so the earlier Focus electrics didn’t have enough range for me to feel confident that I could make the 55 mile trip into work at highway speeds. As soon as I read about the larger battery I ordered mine. It has been 4 months, the car is built but not shipped. I can’t wait.

    I feel this is just the beginning, we are going to see more and more manufactures building electric vehicles. Electric vehicles will only get better with time. Better batteries, longer rang. More charging stations are being installed along our roadways. The more people see the electric vehicles on the road the more confident they will be that a electric power is a good choice.

    I’m excited to be joining the switch to electric vehicles.

  291. Has anybody tried making a deposit to get on a wait list for a 2018 LEAF?

  292. Nice post

  293. One of Useless vehicle that leaf car, wasting money, battery dipriciat very faster within 1 year

  294. Is it ok to use the 110 volt charger for all your charging needs?

  295. Is it okay to use 110 volt charger for all your charging needs?

  296. Yes, as long as your OK with it’s rather slow charging rate. Also note 120v charging is also slightly less efficient than L2 charging, but probably nothing to lose sleep over.

  297. Is there still a $7500 Federal incentive? Because without it an i3 is more hp, more range, better MPGe and arguably more luxury for the same lease payment.

  298. Is there still a $7500 Federal incentive?

  299. Barbara J Spiegelberg | September 7, 2017 at 8:16 am |

    The extended range is really important…especially over 200 miles. Is the battery pack able to be retrofitted into my 2014 Leaf?

    • There’s no info from Nissan in regards to that – I imagine it won’t be, as software etc has changed as well. It might not be as easy as swapping the battery pack for a larger one. Plus, it would hinder LEAF sales – they want you to buy a new one, not upgrade your old one 🙂

      • Barry Stewart | November 11, 2017 at 4:25 am |

        But they DO want to replace your old battery when it wears out. When it does… you’d HOPE they would offer an upgrade. No?

        I took a 2015 Leaf for a spin today and was impressed. I have a 110k round trip commute, so the range gives me a bit of anxiety. I’m definitely interested, though.

  300. I found a few posts on here that mention the Duosida Level 2 EVSE at 220v and 16amps, I just bought one at – I found them on amazon too, but much cheaper on their website. Thought this would help others.

  301. Have had my 2017 BOLT only one week. Every time I use it, I am positively impressed! Eat your heart out, Tesla!

  302. Living in Minnesota, we are wondering how our brutal winter will impact the Bolt. Will it take less of a charge in the cold, use a disproportionate amount of the battery charge for heat and less for mileage? Any experience with this?

    • Michael Cerkowski | October 19, 2017 at 11:09 pm |

      Mary, your Bolt will take about the same amount of charge, but it will use much more of it for heat, and range will also be reduced because of reduced battery efficiency in the cold. Expect a range reduction of up to one third in extremely cold conditions. Remember that the seat and steering wheel heaters use very little power compared to the cabin heater, and adjust your usage accordingly, if necessary.

    • I am seeing a 30% reduction in range during December in Ontario Canada. Very cold winters. Still great range and love the car.

  303. Joanna Clark | October 15, 2017 at 5:11 am |

    I purchased my Bolt this passed April. I was disappointed that it didn’t have Adaptive Cruise Control and Native GPS Navigation. I purchased because it had been reported that CEO Mary Barra had said an upgrade would be available by the end of the year. Dealer confirmed that they had heard the same at the Detroit auto show.

    Cruise Control button is small and crowded with other buttons requiring you to glance down to select the button. A lever like you find on most cars would have been saver and easier to use.

    Overal, the BOLT is a great vehicle. But if GM doesn’t provide the upgrades, I won’t be buying another vehicle based on promises.

  304. Raymond Paquette | October 17, 2017 at 12:55 am |

    This is too bad. The iMiev is a great car for what it is. Cheap, simple, and it works. Mitsubishi never really tried to market the car in the US.

    Where do they get the idea that the only market in the US is is for powerful, expensive gizmo filled glitz?

    How about a car that I can afford, that gets me where I need to go?
    I got one. The iMiev.R

  305. G. Patton Hughes | November 3, 2017 at 10:49 pm |

    Sometime in mid 2018, when new-gen leafs with their larger batteries begin to be found in salvage yards, someone with brains and more, will seek to determine that question more directly.

  306. Would be great if a search criteria was added if it was a smart charger/EVSE. That seems to be a big differentiation.

  307. I have a 2017 bolt.had a flat and towed to dealer and was gone for 2 days. Is there a sparetire for it, such as the one available on the volt.?

  308. Purchased our Bolt in Novemenber 2017 and love it. Wondering from others how much cold affected their range? Charge when warmer here on Colo. will go as high as 290 miles for range on full charge whereas when cold(15 degrees) charge range may only be 200 miles? When driving when cold with cabin heater going range doesn’t drop as fast—maybe antifreeze warms and heats batteries?
    Really like the car here on the front range in Colorado as round trips to front range cities do not require a charge .

  309. Donald Whalen | December 29, 2017 at 2:37 am |

    The Bolt is absolutely amazing. I find myself driving a little too fast out of the gate, however. This car will blow the doors off of most gas-powered cars on the road. I didn’t buy it for that, but it has come in handy (just need to control my newly-developed “need for speed”). I also love not having to ever stop for gas. Gas stations are one of those places that everyone and anyone can stop at and you just don’t know what you’re going to get. I prefer to avoid those places, if at all possible.

    You just can’t know what it’s like to own and drive an EV until you finally do. Driving a vehicle that requires you to fill it with fossil fuels prior to driving seems so… primitive now.

  310. Stephen Doherty | January 20, 2018 at 12:43 am |

    Renault offered a battery upgrade to its EV Zoe when the new one was released. They’re using the old ones as cheap powerwall boxes. Since renault owns Nissan, its possible but note few old zoe owners take up the offer and just sell the old Zoe for a new one as extended range is not just a new battery but more power efficient ac, inverter, battery cooler, lower power car wiring etc. The cost was in the $0000’s

  311. Robert A Azzaro | January 28, 2018 at 3:35 am |

    So there isn’t a whole lot to read on Coda by actual owners. So I feel I should say a few good words here.
    I purchased a 2012 a few months back. Dark gray ext, leathers seats, and silver rims. Aside from that its pretty much as seen in most adds. So here is my opinion. I paid $4,500.00 for the car. Pretty clean, 28,000 miles on it. Had to have the battery pack serviced shortly after to the tune of about $1,800.00. (This was due to charging neglect) Deduct the $500 from PG&E and I’m at $5,800.00. I have to say in all honesty, this is the best car I have ever owned. (especially for the money) I probably wouldn’t be as thrilled at $38,000.00. I have been reading a whole lot of negative comments on the car. I feel Coda got a bad rap. Coda should have sold the car well below cost. Say around $20k. This would have put all 500 on the road for sure. Next year, 25K+. The next year, 30K. I would say by year 4 they could have done more with the car and been well their way to competing in the EV world. Tesla started out be using a Lotus body. It wasn’t until many years later they would be stamping out body parts. Granted Tesla is the best car made in 60 years. Coda had a rough go, bad timing and poor press. I really enjoy driving my Coda and I have to say it really goes !! Should you come across one for a good price? Snap it up. You won’t be sorry.

  312. Love my Bolt that I leased in June 2017. Have had it 7 months now, and it is amazing. The acceleration off the dime is superior. GM should make an all wheel drive version because it is just too much torque for the front wheels alone to handle.

  313. Rich Giddens | February 4, 2018 at 3:50 am |

    In Mary Barra and Pam Fletcher we trust! What an incredible story! GM bet the farm and has won! GM has beaten Elon Musk to the mass consumer marketplace with the Bolt EV and the proposed SUV / CUV electric (based on Bolt EV logistics). Woe be to Musk and his late and lackluster Model 3 with it’s horrible ergonomics and driver interface controls and indicators–namely that thing in the center you are supposed to use to turn on wipers, ligts, A/C climate controls etc. Bolt is nicer—I like the seats because I don’t weigh as much as the battery! I use it as a commuter and fill it for free. Next is the cross country from NorCal to SoCal.

  314. Which of them are 3 phase? This page seems very US centered 🙁

    • Sorry, it is very North American centered – when you say 3-phase, do you actually mean 3-phase, commercial type units, or do you mean 240 V?

    • None of them are three-phase. In the U.S., three-phase power is only available in non-residential settings. All of these EVSEs are suitable for home use. You’d have to look at industrial/commercial equipment here to get three-phase.

      I mean, even 240V is kind of exotic here, reserved for ovens and dryers and such, with only a few such circuits in a normal home.

  315. ^^^^+1
    Although 3 phase power does seem somewhat available in some countries, not N. America though, well except for some commercial/industrial buildings as noted above.

  316. Chris Diego | March 9, 2018 at 9:52 am |

    Global Electric Vehicle Battery Market was valued at USD 17.4 billion in 2017 and will register a CAGR of 11.4% between 2017 and 2028. The electric vehicle battery market has witnessed immense growth post 2011 and is expected to maintain its growth trajectory to another 10 years. Considering the overall profitability, many new players emerged in the market.

    The global electric vehicle battery market is substantially consolidated with BYD and Panasonic accounting for nearly 51% of global share. Companies are investing a significant share of revenue in R&D in order to develop innovative and technically advanced products. EVB ecosystem is primarily dependent on innovation in the battery technology. Growth will be further fueled with increasing demand for long range electric vehicles. Companies need to agile enough to catch with latest technology and in turn scale up the production globally.

  317. Just got the 2018 Bolt EV.. Disappointed that with less than 100 miles in the car, I cannot charge the advertised 238 miles. Maximum charge is only 188 miles. The dealers explanation was inadequate and not believable. General Motors should be honest when promoting the Bolt and should state that the range is only 188 miles fully charged.

  318. Dan Beverly | April 25, 2018 at 6:40 pm |


  319. dane abbe | May 1, 2018 at 9:10 pm |

    As a current owner of a 2012 Leaf SL with 9 capacity bars remaining, I hope Nissan will allow future EV battery packs of higher capacity i.e 30Kwh or even 40Kwh to be installed in first generation models. Obviously, there’s more to it than just swapping
    degraded batteries out. Most other Leaf owners I have spoken with love their cars and I include myself among them. What better way to say to Leaf owners in particular and the EV community at large how dedicated NISSAN is the this expanding market segment.
    My hope is that future battery Research and Development technology can and will be designed to allow for retrofit and replacement to older models providing the latest vehicle platform is not substantial altered. Understanding cost is almost always foremost not just in R&D, sales, marketing etc. but also the end consumer, many of whom bought their Leafs used (myself included) in large part because of the initial cost. What better way for NISSAN to show they stand behind there products and there customers than to offer an upgraded battery option, something I believe no other EV manufacturer offers. Any responses or comments are welcome.

  320. I just purchased a Level 2 Charger for my Chevy Volt 240v for a great price at

  321. Ted Cloak | May 23, 2018 at 11:13 pm |

    Raymond is right.

  322. 2/3 of car pollution comes from operation and fuel.

    This makes it obvious to upgrade to and electric car vs keeping a clunker on the road.

  323. Bill Howland | July 6, 2018 at 8:30 pm |

    Who writes this stuff? Vehicle to Grid schemes have been tried for over a decade, yet have not come to any great usage, and I predict this ‘general acceptance’ won’t happen any time soon since the charge/discharge efficiency of the car itself triples when doing V2G. Simply not worth the bother.

    My Nephew got in a bad collision in my new BOLT ev a month ago, and so far, its not proving ‘easy to repair it at 1/3 rd the cost’. I’ll be interested in the final repair bill, but I think the insurance company will have wished they ‘totalled’ the vehicle since the costs keep going up and up – $16,000 as of a week ago, $20,000 now, and the continual rental of a Jeep Wrangler for my Nephew as a replacement vehicle (whose costs go on and on daily) keep running up the bill.

  324. Peter Barnett | August 11, 2018 at 7:48 am |

    I’m in the UK, so the set up maybe different. I’ve got a 1.4kw peak system facing due south. The outlander charges at 3kw. That means that in the summer, across the middle of the day, the solar will give me nearly half of the load, if nothing else is switched on in the house. Even in the summer, when I return home from work, the sun is too far round to produce any noticeable electricity. I maximise where I can, like waiting till Saturday rather than Friday night, if practical, to charge. Remember the value of the system is the max production at the sunniest time. Either side of midday the peak drops off rapidly. If the car is the major driver, maybe consider directing your panels off due south if you can, to increase morning or evening production, depending on your life style for charging. This will reduce the overall production, but if you have a sunny climate, maybe it’s negligible.
    Although you may get paid for producing the electricity, (depending where you are &c), you need to consider if the car will benefit from your installation, if that is one of the driving factors for getting it. You can now get L-ion batteries (small for their power), to attach to the system, allowing you to store the charge for later. An excellent idea if the house is empty most of the day anyway. We opted for a diversion to heat our water, so it doesn’t help charge the car, which came along later, but we use most of what we produce.

  325. Peter Barnett, hope you don’t mind me asking, but how much was the cost of your installation? How many panels have been fitted? I know hardly anything about how effective solar panels are in the UK and I wonder how long it would take to recoup the cost. Given my age, I wonder if I would live long enough to see any benefit!

  326. Can the 50ft version of the extension cord (50ft nema 5-20 20a 1250v) connect to a level 2 electric car ev charger (220v 16a),with nema 6-20 plug?

    • Not sure if it’s a typo or not, but a 5-20 and a 6-20 are different plugs – one has a horizontal prong on the left side, the other on the right side.

      If indeed it is a typo, and both are nema 6-20, then yes they will work.

  327. Extension cords aren’t generally recommended for EVSE use as EVSE use is considered continuous and rather high current. That said as long as the wiring is a minimum of 12G(NO to 14G) and the connectors are of decent quality, it should work.
    If you do go that route I’d suggest unplugging everything after 15 minutes or so of full current charging and making sure none of the plugs are “hot” warm is inevitable but hot is not good. Then start charging again and after an hour or so check the plugs again. If nothing is hot you should be good to go. It also doesn’t hurt to periodically check the temperature of the plugs after several hours of full current charging, just to be on the safe side.
    When connections get hot their resistance goes up, as their resistance goes up they get hotter, as they get hotter their resistance goes up…..well you get my drift, this is what causes melting and fires. Also with high current charging make sure the wiring isn’t coiled or stacked on top of each other, this will concentrate the heat in one area instead of spreading it out over the length of the wire. Heat is a loss of efficiency which is another negative to an extension cord but sometimes they may be a necessary evil.

  328. Glenn Drayer | November 4, 2018 at 10:51 pm |

    A girl pulled into my Mercedes B. I do not know what the total cost was but State Farm elected to total it.

  329. Bij de meeste Nissan garages kun je gratis laden sommige Nissan garages zetten hun snellader achter een hek dat ‘s nachts gesloten is de zodat je ‘s nachts in je auto mag slapen. De invoerder Nissan Belux speelt het zelfs klaar om maandenlang een defecte snellader voor de publiekstoegankelijke voordeur te hebben.Momenteel 13.11.18 is hij opnieuw defect we werden naar een 500m verder gelegen snellader gestuurd die het ook niet deed!De dame die na ons arriveerde, zat met het zelfde probleem. Nissan Belux schijnt zich alleen te interesseren voor’andere zaken’ van mij krijgen ze dus een dikke nul, op servicegebied (niet de dealers)! De Nissan Leaf daarentegen is naar mijn smaak de beste koop (drie jaar ervaring) . Model 2019 komt zeer ver!

    At most Nissan garages you can charge for free some Nissan garages put their quick charger behind a gate that is closed at night so you can sleep in your car at night. The importer Nissan Belux even gets ready to have a faulty fast charger for the publicly accessible front door for months.Currently, 13.11.18 he is again defective, we were sent to a 500m fast charger that did not work either! The lady who arrived after us, was with the same problem. Nissan Belux only seems to be interested in ‘other matters’ of me so they get a big zero, on service area (not the dealers)! The Nissan Leaf, on the other hand, is the best buy for me (three years of experience). Model 2019 is coming very far!

  330. Larry Butler | November 25, 2018 at 3:13 am |

    The battery pack ALONE costs over $15,000 for a Kia Soul EV. Nothing in an ice car can compare. The charge controller is nearly another $1,000. None of this includes installation or repair of anything, just parts costs. I can buy a rebuilt 350 ci GM engine for less than $2000, complete and ready to run. EVs are designed to be obsolete as soon as the new model comes out. 3 years from now, all the parts that fail will be unobtanium and you are supposed to simply junk it or total it. There isn’t going to be any “antique EVs” if the manufacturers can help it. You have no right to repair anything in a new car and they do everything they can to prevent you finding out how. Try getting an electronic schematic for the car, like you used to get from NAPA. It doesn’t exist. Even the dealers can only get a rudimentary wiring diagram showing the interconnections between mystery modules. Try fixing the blower motor circuit in any new car ice or no ice. It’s disgusting. Even the AM-FM radio is some kind of copy protected big secret.

  331. Robert Inget | January 5, 2019 at 5:34 pm |

    Does anyone know if and when Nissan’s “Car to Home’ battery storage system will be sold in the US or Canada?
    There must be some regulation forbidding sale here in US.
    Can a person buy such a grid tie system directly from Japan?

  332. Are electric cars in my Budget??? LLLOOOOLLL!!! Absolutely not! I have been waiting for one for 25 years and they are still not suitable for my needs and a monumental ripoff! Here is what I want:
    A lightweight electric version similar to a Suzuki Jimny in function.
    Offroad capability and a high wheelbase.
    I am absolutely not interested in electronic ancillary 5hit, I am busy driving. Passengers should be grateful they are getting a lift at all. I must be able to fix it myself by exchanging parts. FFS, you can’t get simpler than an electric motors, battery and speed control!! I utterly hate scummy manufacturers who make things complicated on purpose. THE ESSENCE OF GOOD DESIGN IS SIMPLICITY!!! Makeing it simple will put it at a price I am willing to pay.

  333. Um, so is the $36k figure for the 64 kw or the 39.2 kw battery?

    • Right, that isn’t very clear. The 64 kWh is the only version available in the USA, and the $36K figure is for USA prices, so that means it is for the 64 kWh version.

  334. What is a Z EV ??

    • Zero Emissions Vehicle – it’s the states that are following California’s CARB lead for low emissions vehicles. Those are the states that give rebates, and where the vehicle manufacturers get credits for each vehicle sold – which is what is forcing them to sell in those states. When a vehicle maker only sells in those states, it would seem that they are just doing the minimum to be compliant with government regulations.

  335. Oh just great! So, about when will this be for Texas? Never? Who comes to market with a vehicle and then only allows for certain state sales?!

    Hyundai… is it spring 2019, summer? 2020?

    • No one knows – if, when, ever? This is something we saw back in 2012 and 2013 when Fiat had the 500e only available in California, and Honda came out with the Fit EV only in California and I think New York and Oregon. These were dubbed ‘Compliance vehicles’ as they just met the minimum requirements by law that allowed Fiat and Honda to keep selling other vehicles in those states.

  336. Kimberly Slone | March 16, 2019 at 5:04 am |

    I live in Alaska and I have been told by the dealership here that I won’t be able to buy a Kona BEV. I’m really disappointed. I have solar panels and I’d love to own an electric vehicle so I can reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can.

  337. I’d love to hear from someone who actually owns a car like this in NYC. How convenient is it to charge?? What about longer road trips??

  338. Hi all. I am moving home soon and can’t install a charger in the new place. Have been looking at options and came across the EVSE site below – anyone know anything about this? Looks like it could be just what I need.

  339. I just purchased an iMiev with just under 29,000 miles on it. Works great and I love it!

  340. I just got a Chevy Spark LT2 EV. When charging at home, does the light on the dash is green, and the charger r green but it’s not even 80%,? I plugged it in over nite, I unplug my washer that’s on a breaker on its own ? Is that ok ? , 110,, 120==
    #newatthis,, I love it,

  341. 2016 Chevy Spark Lt2 EV. Love this car, need more information, on maintain!! And how to charge at home until I can afford a Juice Box charge,. $400 wow. Didn’t factor that in , my town has no charge ports ,. Help

  342. Michael Clark | August 9, 2019 at 5:32 pm |

    Honda the 125 mile/200KM ship has already sailed years ago!!! 300 miles / 480 KMs is the ship is getting ready to sail.. Don’t miss the boat…

    electric range of 125 miles (over 200 km)
    35.5 kWh liquid cooled battery pack, with cells supplied by Panasonic
    rear wheel drive
    110 kW electric motor with 300 Nm of torque
    CCS fast charging capable of 80% charge in 30 minutes IS OLD NEWS!!!

  343. wefight overbolt | August 23, 2019 at 10:56 pm |

    I strongly disagree with the reference: “increased range among other unimpressive changes”. It means that the increased range is one of the ‘unimpressives’ That’s BS. It is a welcome improvement. The Chevy Bolt is a worthy EV with a solid mileage performance. Mine is (238) usually in the 300 club. I imagine the upgraded battery will perform at 320+ routinely. Congratulations to Chevy engineers!

    • Thanks for the comment! Correct, and that’s not what I was implying – the range increase is great, the rest are unimpressive. I’ll change the title

  344. Michael Cerkowski | August 26, 2019 at 5:55 am |

    I think that 125 miles of range is adequate – provided it is real world range, not the “100 mile” hyped range of the 24kwh Leaf (actual range: about 75 miles). This is a little city car, after all, and giving it both enough range to go from city to city in urban regions without much anxiety, and the ability to DC fast charge, should make it quite capable within its segment.

  345. Maybe Honda wants to make a cheaper car. Which relates to lower range. That’s good for me. I don’t want to pay a crazy amount for a small car. As batteries get cheaper and better they can raise the range.

  346. Jim Fallston Md. | August 28, 2019 at 2:05 pm |

    The original battery is rated @ 60 Kw not 63.

  347. Through a program in Central California, called, I was able to buy a used 13 FFE with 53k on the clock. I’ve had it for 2 months, absolutely am hooked. Usually in the mornings I have at least 68-70 miles on the meter.

  348. Hey all, I just have one solar panel charging one 12volt battery and an A/C inverter. Can I plug my Outlander PHEV into the inverter or is there just not enough power for it? Thanks.

    • I’m not sure if there’s a lower limit of current that is required to charge your Outlander…. if it does work, it will just charge it very slowly – it’s what is referred to as a trickle charge. Your Outlander might just give a warning of not being plugged in or something like that

  349. John Aponte | November 3, 2019 at 2:03 pm |

    My 2017 Bolt LT EV is also at the 300+ club. This is a wonderful EV car with accessible price and discount. Improvements are always welcome by keeping price stable or lower.

  350. Jack Vreeland | November 9, 2019 at 2:43 am |

    I bought one and paid 1,100.00 to ship from California to Orlando Florida. Afternoon Florida taxes I had about 46,000 in it, and sold it to a couple from Costa Rica for 40,000 with 3,000 miles. Enroute there now.
    Lovely car. I sorta regret selling it.
    I’m looking for a Chev spark. Already had one plus Leaf and Model 3.

  351. It is about time.
    All the vehicles going to be electric in a few years.
    The problem is the charging time when you drive an electric vehicle, but there is a company that solves this problem.
    Make My Day

  352. I looked online for the best tires for rain, and pretty good for snow because of my weather here. For the first 2 years I was overjoyed with the selected Perellis.. Unfortunately year 3 with lots of tread left….the great water performance and snow performance is lost

  353. Maria Sanfilippo | February 15, 2020 at 4:14 am |

    Im not fond of the two tone color schemes either

  354. Kevin T. Dickson | May 24, 2020 at 2:37 pm |

    Solar City is now Tesla

  355. It’s hard to believe but I’m glad the electric vehicle revolution is here!

  356. Hello, RE: V2G or V2Home two-way charger!
    Are there any chargers with provide a “two-way process” for current flow if you will?
    One is to charge the vehicle battery.
    Two in case of emergency provide current back to house?
    I think in the vernacular they call it Vehicle to Grid, but I am more interested in backup power for the house though V2G would provide the solution as well!.

  357. Andrew Packard | January 23, 2021 at 1:54 am |

    I need a good battery for my Leaf. It only goes about 29 miles. Can someone help me?

  358. Ravindra Varma | January 24, 2021 at 11:31 pm |

    I am recently bought a Kia NIRO EV. I am looking for guidance on driving on mountainous roads. Are there any suggestions on following topics related to Niro Electric driving:
    Driving up hill – modes to be used
    Driving downhill without relying much on brakes, which mode is recommended?
    Android auto – does it show on route charging stations ? How?
    Thank you

  359. I cannot see a registration button

  360. fernando cruz | January 29, 2021 at 3:48 am |

    hi, at work we have a 50 amp 14-50 plug and i have an eves charger for 240 volt and the adaptor for 120 volt , the 120v adaptor work fine but takes such a long time to charge , i also have the same plug at home for the 50 amp and works perfectly fine , but when i plug it in at work it goes to FAULT , any help on why it goes to FAULT at my work ? thank you guys

    • Jeff Simonsen | March 17, 2021 at 5:41 pm |

      Its possible your work power could be 208v(instead of residential power of 240v) and some L2 EVSEs don’t like the lower voltage, particularly the EVSE that comes with new Nissan Leafs, they refuse to work on 208v power. If that’s not the case then I’d suspect a grounding issue with the outlet at your work, an improper ground may work for some things but most EVSEs do a ground check before powering up and will error out if they don’t like things. The funny thing is cheaper EVSEs that lack GFI testing may work just fine on the same outlet but may not be as safe as they could be.

  361. Clem Campbell | August 12, 2021 at 11:12 pm |

    My 2014 PHEV at purchase had a range of 40 kms, now 26 kms
    Is it time to get a new battery? If so Where. & cost?

  362. I saw that the Grizzl-E charging stations are not listed in the table. I heard only positive comments and these are the terminals that have the best value for money. They are powerful (10kW), are designed with a rigid aluminum case and are suitable for winter.

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