Tesla Model S gets over 320 miles to a charge?

Tesla Motors is nearing first deliveries of the Model S, and that of course means more media coverage. On the official Tesla Blog, Tesla posted about the impressive performance aspects of the Tesla Model S including the remarkable efficiency and range.

With the 85kWh battery in the Tesla Model S, Tesla aimed to have a range greater than 300 miles (using the 2 cycle test procedure that was used with the Tesla Roadster). After the EPA 2-cycle test procedure, the Tesla Model S achieved 320 miles on a single battery charge! That’s better than the Roadster’s 244 miles on the same 2-cycle test procedure.

EPA now uses a 5 cycle test procedure that includes using the air conditioner, heater, and a high speed cycle reaching 80 mph with rapid accelerations. On the 5-cycle test procedure, the Tesla Model S still achieved a respectable 265 miles. Tesla is quick to remind people that range can vary greatly based on driving style and conditions including the temperature and the type of terrain being covered.

Tesla does say that it should be possible to exceed 400 miles in a Model S under certain conditions and although Tesla hasn’t internally demonstrated that, they are planning a prize for the first customer that actually drives over 400 miles on a single charge.

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