Tiny one seat Colibri EV due in 2015

The Innovative Mobility Automobile GmbH (IMA) unveiled a tiny little electric vehicle called the Colibri at the Geneva Motor Show this week. IMA says the Colibri’s  “distinct features are a long lifecycle and short charging times.” IMA says the Colibri battery pack should last for 2,000 charges and allow for a total of 137,000 gas-free miles to be traveled.

Thomas delos Santos, CEO of IMA told press representatives: “Our vision was to construct an electric vehicle suitable for daily urban use, one which is safe and also fun. It was to be economic, ecologic, and easy to combine with other modes of transportation. We succeeded in achieving this. And the market feedback shows: the Colibri strikes a nerve”.

Colibri means hummingbird, and with a top speed of 75 miles per hour, the Colibri can really flap it’s wings. IMA says the electric range is about 68 miles, all from a 6.5 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery. 0-62 mph time is 9.9 seconds, and you can get extras like air conditioning, and even bump the car up to the sport version.

Orders are set to start in 2014, and deliveries beginning in 2015. The exciting part is that the IMA Colibri should start at under 10,000 euros – that’s without any battery lease program too.

IMA is set up to do serial production with an “experienced contract manufacturer and other industry partners.” IMA sees a market potential of 500,000 customers in the business-to-business market in Germany – we read this to mean only available in Germany.

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1 Comment on "Tiny one seat Colibri EV due in 2015"

  1. Guten Tag

    Mir hat der Colibri sehr gefallen, schade nur das wir an der Auto Salon Ausstellung 2013 nicht mit einem Händler sprechen konnten, dazu kommt noch das ein Herr der wohl die Wache hielt über dieses Auto meine Frau fast von dem besagtem Auto weggejagt hat, vieleicht aus Angst man könne das E-Mobile “beschmutzen”.
    Schade, ich hätte mehr in Erfahrung bringen wollen:-(

    Aber eben: Wenn nicht der richtige Mensch am richtigen Ort und das zur richtigen Zeit ist, geht einiges an gutem Verloren.(Beratung und Verkaufsinteresse)

    Trotzdem: Ich werde weiterhin aus der Schweiz die Entwiklung des Colibri mit Spannung verfolgen.

    Ich Grüsse Sie herzlich

    Contin Sandro

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