VIA Motors EREV Van used as shuttle at movie festival

At the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, VIA Motors’ debuted its extended range electric van as a passenger shuttle. The EREV Van was used as a private VIP shuttle to move filmmakers and guests associated with Heretic Films up and down the 10,000 foot mountain “day in and day out with a full payload of passengers.”

According to John Weber, Via’s CEO, the festival provided VIA with “the perfect opportunity to let filmmakers and the media see for themselves that electric vehicles are ‘ready for prime time’ in almost any type of duty.”

“We were very pleased to be the first to provide electric shuttle services to our VIP guests here at Sundance,” said Burton Ritchie, founder of Heretic Films.  “Via Motors’s clean electric vehicles echoes our strong commitment to the environment and we hope that this event will aid in their eventual adoption worldwide.”

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