VIA Motors opens high volume EREV assembly facility in Mexico

President of VIA Motors in Latin America has said that VIA Motors’ assembly line in Mexico will be able to output 2 electric vehicle per hour, which equates to 10,000 vehicles per year!

We are proud to be first to deploy this innovative assembly technology here in Mexico, to transform conventional vehicles into advanced, extended range electric vehicles.

The assembly plant is located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Strategically located, the plant is in a free trade zone and near a GM plant where VIA will get the vehicle chassis from.It is also located adjacent to the NAFTA highway and Kansas City Southern Rail line for easy transport to the US and Canada.

The facility uses a special conveyer/scissor lift system that moves the vehicles through 8 stations where they remove the gasoline components and install the electric motor and batteries and other components.

After test-driving a VIA Vtrux electric pickup at the event, Mexican Governor Toranzo said “I was impressed with how smooth, quiet, and powerful the truck is, and what a pleasure it is to drive.”

Since VIA Motors has already have FEDEX, UPS and Verizon evaluate these vehicles in beta-testing, there is a chance that demand could be that high.

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