VIA Motors unveils solar range-extending tonneau cover

Although VIA’s production launch of extended range pickup trucks and vans will likely be the focus of VIA Motors’ Chairman Bob Lutz later this week at the LA Auto Show, there is already an optional extra catching a lot of attention. The company revealed a solar tonneau cover that they say will add 10 miles of range to the VIA electric pickup truck.

VIA Motors’ vehicle lineup includes pick up trucks, an SUV and a Van that can drive 40 miles in all electric mode and up to 400 miles using a full gas tank and a fully charged battery pack.

The tonneau cover on display at the LA Auto Show fits over the rear bed of the extended cab truck. Attaching or removing the cover is a 2 person job.

According to Mark Burdge, VP of sales, the solar tonneau cover will be available as a $2000 US option.Via Motors solar tonneau cover

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